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Hey All! Am the original/1st owner of an 03 SRT4 now for sale. Flame Red. All stock. Has been in sunny Southern California entire time. Completely clean title. No driving accidents. Not raced. No mods. Likely one of the only few left with these specs. Approx. 84K on engine (brand new engine shipped from Dodge's DaimlerChrysler Illinois factory and placed in by dealership at 67K miles/documentation available). 151K on trans. Smooth ride. Absolutely Love this care and have loved since day one, but it's now time for someone else to enjoy. It's ready for you to build out (if you'd like), have fun, and Play! Minor cosmetic fixes needed (ex: repaint, since, well, it Is a red SRT4 after all (topcoat peeled in certain areas)). Reach out or provide contact info if interested and will reach out!
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