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  1. Drivetrain Discussion
    Replacing the clutch. Trans is almost out minus the one bolt in the rear near the speed sensor (circled in the image). Does anyone know how to get to this bolt? I've probably spent 4-5 hours trying to get this bolt out and nothing can reach it. I did manage to get my air ratchet on it with an...
  2. Drivetrain Discussion
    So I recently purchased a 05 with 28k miles, currently it’s giving me an issue with the clutch. The trans at first wasn’t going into gear after a little burnout. It would only go into gear when off and jerk when I tried to turn it on. My buddies and I assumed that it was the clutch pivot rod. So...
  3. Drivetrain Discussion
    So this is what happened I was driving going to work at ‘night 12am and I had it in 4th going into 5th But I took it out and put it back in because if it felt funny going into 5th . And shortly right after that It popped out 5th gear and didn’t wanna go into any gear with the car running I can...
  4. SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Hey guy so I need some help ! I have a 05 Neon ! So recently after getting home I went to revers my car in to my drive way a soon I let of the clutch and went on the gas my transmission started grinding hard . When it sit sound like it has a rod knock !
  5. SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    I posted in Drivetrain also, but I'm also gonna post here, if that is allowed. 2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4, original transmission with a build date from 06/2004, does have the slight infamous 3rd gear grind. Car has 205K original miles on it. I use a Hurst STS. The transmission uses Mobil 1 10w40...
  6. Drivetrain Discussion
    Gents, First, I have the Kevin Warren billet input shaft with straight cut 1/2 gears. Damaged 2nd gear on the output shaft and the 1/2 synchro hub slider. If needed, you can contact MFactory directly and get individual piece replacements. Second, due to not...
1-6 of 6 Results