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  1. No boost. No speedometer

    Chrysler PT GT/Turbo
    I have an 03 pt gt with srt4 stage 1 upgrade and getrag288 trans. Got the car fixed it up to how it needed to be. Previous owner blew the head. Head was rebuilt and installed and the lines i took off were placed as where they was. As far as im aware there is no leaks. I have replaced lines as...
  2. Buying my first SRT4 questions

    SRT-4 Discussion
    Hey guys, I just joined, I’ve been looking to buy an srt4 for a little while now. I live in Canada and I’m going to look at one this weekend that is a little ways away from me. I’ve lurked around the forum and you guys have been helpful but I’d like some input. The car: 160000k km $5250...
  3. Paint Job near Chicago???

    Im looking to get my 03 Solar Yellow repainted and clear coated within the next few months. It has rust on the rocker panels and a small bubble on the rear quarter panel. Anyone know what this could cost and have any recommendations?
  4. Still lost turning off CEL

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    This post is a update of my last post I put on the forums here’s a link to see Lost on how to turn off CEL Basically to sum it up I had a CEL for ambient air temp and battery temp sensors so I’ve tried turning them off and more problems shown up trying to fix it. The main problem on my hands...
  5. 1995 eclipse swapped neon 2.4 srt4

    SRT-4 Discussion
    Is anyone else doing this I feel alone in this mess would need little help
  6. Lost on how to turn off CEL

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    New to this forum and I’ve tried looking if anyone had similar problems but I gave up . Bought my 05 SRT4 back in October 2019 with the engine light , stupid of me but I’m determined to try and fix it now. The car came modified, not heavily but it had a lot of aftermarket parts in it that I...
  7. seat Adjusters? Where could I find these things to adjust the seat from foward to backwards I’ve been looking and can’t find them

    FAQ Forums
    does anyone know where I could buy these? There to adjust the seat from forward and backwards just bought the car and these are missing I’ve been looking and haven’t seen any of any one knows let me know thanks!
  8. Afr...

    Technical Tuning & EFI/EMS Electronics
    So I recently bought my srt4, my afr cruising is 14.9.... I have good afr (12.5-13.9) when I floor it until I hit 17lbs I’d boost then the car cuts and leans way out 16.9 17.0. I have good fuel pressure and everything I have no clue what tunes on the car I didn’t get the tuner with it. I can’t...
  9. Does anyone still sell nostril badges for the srt-4?

    Parts/Shops/Tuner Reviews
    I bought a 05 neon a few months back and would love to pick up a cleaner nostril badge for it but can’t seem to find them anywhere.
  10. P0508 code car won’t start

    Performance Modifications
    So I was driving 05 srt4 And my check engine light came on and while I come to a stop the car bags down sometimes.So I checked the codes it’s giving a P0508 code and p1106 code. Next day I try to start the car and wouldn’t start until the 4th time but it will try to crank over. And finally...