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  1. I need some advice

    Performance Modifications
    I just purchased a 2004 dodge neon srt-4 it has 110k miles full 3 inch straight pipe aem short ram intake big fmic with hard pipes and aftermarket bov td05h turbo with a agp wastegate i have only owned the car for 2 days i drove it home from the guys house rides great sounds great but sometimes...
  2. remove this post please i dont know how

    WTB - Parts
  3. Need Help

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Hi, i just bought a 05 Neon SRT4 that came with 3in catback and a KNN CAI. Im looking to do a E85 swap kit with 1000cc injectors. I want to upgrade the forced induction system and would like to know what brand/type of turbos you guys would recommend. Also if i upgrade power i need to upgrade...
  4. 05 srt-4 pcm controlled boost vs. wga controlled boost.... vacuum lines?!?

    Performance Modifications
    Hey guys been out the srt4 game for awhile. Been recently goin over my n srt thats been parked for years * I was young and dumb when i got this car and had it setup the way it is so dont rip me to hard lol* Now my 05' stock turbo has some mods like agp wga, greddy bov, 3 inch needswings...
  5. Catch Can identification?

    Performance Modifications
    So this weekend I was replacing my shifter bushing and remembered that I hadn't had time to drain the catch can since my purchase the car. The catch can that I have doesn't have any distinctive marks so indicate the brand or maker. So if anyone know the brand of this Catch Can please tell me...
  6. HELP! P0141 and P0135 check engine codes

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    I have a p0141 and p0135 codes coming from my neon, I have replaced the o2 sensors twice and had them checked and was told that everything was okay. I have a concern that it may be the o2 circuit in the pcm. I daily drive the car and it runs fine but I need to get the codes off to pass e check...
  7. What does it mean??

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    I have a 2003 srt4. Was driving the other day and went to pass someone when the car went into what I'm assuming it's limp mode. Approximately 2,200rpms and the car starts sputtering with complete loss of power... I checked the ignition and got the following engine codes. P2097- post catalyst...
  8. Selector cable

    Drivetrain Discussion
    So my shifter/selector cable broke yesterday and I bought mopar cables, routed everything the same and installed everything the same but the selector cable seems to be 1/4 in to short for selecting 1-2 gears, I’m stumbled I’ve tried everything any help is appreciated, yes I have tried to adjust...
  9. SRT4 hard start and no idle

    I swapped head gaskets on my 2003 srt4. Now I have a real hard start, and when it finally gets running, I have to hold my foot on the throttle for it to run. I have recently replaced: Iacv Coil pack Spark plug wires