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  1. SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    So back when I was in high school, a buddy of mine was dead set on buying the absolute cleanest nsrt4 he could find. He spent like over a year looking for one that lived up to his standards. He ended up buying a red 04 nsrt4 which had super low miles at the time (like 53k-ish back then I...
  2. For Sale - Performance Parts
    Hi everyone! I’m new to this but was told it was a great place to post. When I purchased my Durango SRT - I had the exhaust fully upgraded. The original exhaust has around 150 miles on it and is in my garage. Looking to get it out of the garage ASAP to make space for the scat wide body I just...
  3. SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    Hey all Just traded in my '15 R/T Shaker 6MT for an '11 Green with Envy 6MT SRT First - I tried syncing my phone to bluetooth and was able to get it to work for phone, but never for media. Is there some trick to it? I confirmed on dodge's website I have the latest uconnect version. Second...
  4. Engine/Turbos/Ignition
    I went to the store today and went to leave car started fine asoon as i pulled out of the parking lot the car starting stalling so i pulled onto a side street and it died got power to everything else but it wont even crank had to leave the car there tonight i have no idea what happened any help?
  5. Engine/Turbos/Ignition
    Hey all. So for awhile the car wouldnt like to start itd sound like its grinding id pump the clutch a few times and boom itd start well one day it died while i was driving ever since it just grinds when i try to start it no idea what it is need some help here its my daily. Brand new clutch...
  6. SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    So just got a srt4 again but this one has NO vacuum harness and no solenoids is there a way to by pass them? Or do i have to spend the money to get the whole set up? The car obviously wont hit boost idk what the previous owner was doing but its not right just looking for some help or advice...
  7. Drivetrain Discussion
    Needing to replace my steering rack, the local salvage yard has a rack off an SE available. Would that work with my setup? I know the ratios will be different but I'm not concerned about performance steering since I'll be drag racing. Am I going about this all wrong? And tips, tricks, concerns...
  8. Performance Modifications
    I put wastegate and dump first and somehow got o2 housing on second and the allen bolt is touching o2 housing. Is this okay or will it be a problem when hot, thanks for your time.
1-8 of 8 Results