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  1. For Sale - Vehicles
    There are tons of mods and spare parts making this a great deal but there's also some work to be done so... (Post Under Construction - I'll add some more details and pics over time and as requested) I'll start with the cons: Car has been sitting and occasionally idled for most of the past 12...
    $3,500 USD
  2. For Sale - Vehicles
    What is your name(first & last)? : John Kagan What is your Email Address OR Contact PH #? : [email protected] What is your City? : Strongsville What is your State? : Ohio What is your Zip code? :44149 I really enjoy this car - it's been my daily driver for 17 years - but it's time to...
    $1,600 USD
  3. Build Threads
    Hey guys I’m new here, I just purchased an 04 SRT4 I want to be in the 400 hp so far I have 3 bar map sensor,1025 cc injectors,255 fuel pump, so far it’s pushing 314 Need help building this 04 SRT4
  4. SRT-4 Purchasing/Selling Questions
    Ive been looking for a SRT-4 for a while now, I have always loved the car but could never find the right car. However I came across a beautiful what I believe to be stock 05 SRT-4 with 42k miles. It was listed for $15,000 however we have verbally agreed on $13,000. After looking around this site...
  5. WTB

    WTB - Parts
    Looking for a 04-05 stock ecu Anyone has one ?
  6. Engine/Turbos/Ignition
    Oh happy happy days!!! Finally divorcing the stock turbo lol. And trying out a Agp BORGWARNER s256sx. Have read and read and I have decided on running this beauty. Agp's kit is unbelievably made Thank you AGP absolutely amazing!!! Can't wait to get started on this. It's going to bring so many...
  7. SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Hi there. I'm new to this forum but super excited to see a group of people who love their SRTs. I own a 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4. Its blue and pimpinnnn. It was my younger brother's car before he died in a car accident about a year and a half ago. His SRT4 was not involved in his fatality, but it...
  8. Engine/Turbos/Ignition
    I went to the store today and went to leave car started fine asoon as i pulled out of the parking lot the car starting stalling so i pulled onto a side street and it died got power to everything else but it wont even crank had to leave the car there tonight i have no idea what happened any help?
  9. Engine/Turbos/Ignition
    Hey all. So for awhile the car wouldnt like to start itd sound like its grinding id pump the clutch a few times and boom itd start well one day it died while i was driving ever since it just grinds when i try to start it no idea what it is need some help here its my daily. Brand new clutch...
  10. SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Hey guy so I need some help ! I have a 05 Neon ! So recently after getting home I went to revers my car in to my drive way a soon I let of the clutch and went on the gas my transmission started grinding hard . When it sit sound like it has a rod knock !
  11. SRT-4 Discussion
    What is the stock fuel psi for a stock 05 neon srt-4? Also if you guys could give me a lesson/advice about understand the fuel psi, would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Performance Modifications
    Hey guys did an engine swap almost finished just need this last sensor but I can’t find where to plug it in, it’s on the driver side and it’s connected to the wire where the power steering sensor is, was wondering if it’s my air fuel ratio sensor but don’t know where to plug it in to there’s a...
  13. Fuel Delivery & Race Fuels
    I recently bought a srt4 mopar big turbo car. It's the "stage three" turbo but I'm not sure on the specs. It has bolt ons, the head has been rebuilt and I believe ported. It has fuel system upgrades but I haven't had the car on a lift to see what they are. I know, I'm so helpful lol. On my drive...
  14. For Sale - Vehicles
    Hey guys, I'm Chris. Leaving back to the Army March 16th. I don't have anyone to watch over my car while I'm away. Just got a full tune up today (2-28-2020) 144k miles red original paint some sun damage after market rims 1000W stereo system installed w/ sealed 10" sub original engine only...
1-14 of 14 Results