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  1. For Sale - Vehicles
    There are tons of mods and spare parts making this a great deal but there's also some work to be done so... (Post Under Construction - I'll add some more details and pics over time and as requested) I'll start with the cons: Car has been sitting and occasionally idled for most of the past 12...
    $3,500 USD
  2. SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Hey guys, first time posting. Apologize ahead of time for lengthy read & if its posted in the wrong forum. id regularly read the forum for help on my last car( 2004 2.0l 5 speed 2.0sx) but last month i decided i wanted to be a real boy, so i bought a 2004 srt-4 w/ 201,000km & was told it had...
  3. Performance Modifications
    I have a 2003 Pt Cruiser Turbo. Do they make full stage 2 kits for these cars? Or am I going to have to piece one together? If I have to piece a kit together myself what should I be looking at?
  4. SRT-4 Purchasing/Selling Questions
    Hello everyone! Just joined and wanted to know if it would be better to buy a base model and build it or if I should buy an srt4 right off the bat?
  5. Engine/Turbos/Ignition
    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you could help me figure out a issue.. my srt4 just got new bov and pipe installed as well as a vacum harness from modern performance, we got the car back together everything worked great, car idled fine, reved up, made boost but soon as I went to go test drive...
  6. Performance Modifications
    Hi guys, new to SRT-4s and don’t know a whole lot about them. With that being said what is the rough limit these turbos and push boost wise. Also how many pounds can you run realistically with a completely stock car? I’ve been looking at several tunes and options and would like to get the most...
  7. Performance Modifications
    Hello guys new to these forums, as well as SRT 4s. My car is stock currently, and was looking for the right direction/ modifications to get around 400-430 whp. ( Plan on having a fun weekend car, no plans to build the motor anytime soon.) Maybe you guys could share your 400+ hp setups and give...
1-7 of 7 Results