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  1. WANTED SRT4 $$$

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Looking to buy an srt4 neon with less than 80k miles. Located in Michigan but willing to travel out of state, I can be contacted at 248/925/6063 or [email protected]
  2. Anyone here interested in triple stock location, single and steering column gauge pods? I've designed some options :)

    Performance Modifications
    Started out making single steering column gauge mounts for the SRT4, and that's turned into me creating a triple pod mount, and stock boost gauge location triple pod mount due to demand. Let me know if interested and I can look at making some for this community. Unpainted, black, as printed and...
  3. No fuel to cylinder one help!!

    i’m at a loss for what to do next. i don’t get fuel to cylinder one. i’ve replaced all ignition components (plugs, wires, coil pack). swapped the injectores around and it didn’t follow the injector it stayed on cylinder 1. replaced wiring to injector 1. replaced ecu. i’m now at a loss and hoping...
  4. HELP! P0141 and P0135 check engine codes

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    I have a p0141 and p0135 codes coming from my neon, I have replaced the o2 sensors twice and had them checked and was told that everything was okay. I have a concern that it may be the o2 circuit in the pcm. I daily drive the car and it runs fine but I need to get the codes off to pass e check...