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  1. Drivetrain Discussion
    Previous owner I guess tried removing the engine mount the hex style one that goes into the frame and stripped the hex. I need to do the timing belt is there any trick to remove it.
  2. Engine/Turbos/Ignition
    Im an SRT4 owner in the houston area just getting into cars and looking for someone in the area to help me look over both of my engines. I'd also be willing to pay for help on engine work and the install itself; I really miss my car lol.
  3. SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    Hi, Ihave an SRT-10 2005, 65,000 miles, I last drove it a couple of weeks ago, everything seemed fine. Went to start it today, Starts straight away then dies after a couple of seconds, try it again, same thing happens. Even if I rev it to keep it going it still dies. I had to charge the battery...
1-3 of 3 Results