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  1. Technical Tuning & EFI/EMS Electronics
    Okay, well I bought a PCM, got it flashed to the car, she fired, but ran rich. Drove it around town for a while, got it to my buddy’s house decided, might as well throw the tune I had onto the new PCM but, my dumbass forgot it’s a whole different PCM and it won’t read the key cycles since it’s...
  2. Technical Tuning & EFI/EMS Electronics
    How about, as u will see, I’am new to the group, i’have a sport trinity devil for an srt 04 the problem is that when I install it i get the legend please connect trinity to your pc and download the program and the updater caliber, i’already did worse when it is loading the program, it only...
  3. Fuel Delivery & Race Fuels
    Hello, i have a 2004 PT Cruiser GT Turbo 5-speed with a AGP stage 2 waste gate, 3" O2 housing and 3" cat-less down pipe, intake, HKS bov with block off plate and a Diablo Sport Intune on the 91 tune. It seemed fine for the first few months (ran 14.1 @ 101mph bogging off the line) and AFR's were...
1-3 of 3 Results