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  1. Fuel Delivery & Race Fuels
    I recently bought a srt4 mopar big turbo car. It's the "stage three" turbo but I'm not sure on the specs. It has bolt ons, the head has been rebuilt and I believe ported. It has fuel system upgrades but I haven't had the car on a lift to see what they are. I know, I'm so helpful lol. On my drive...
  2. Technical Tuning & EFI/EMS Electronics
    So I recently bought my srt4, my afr cruising is 14.9.... I have good afr (12.5-13.9) when I floor it until I hit 17lbs I’d boost then the car cuts and leans way out 16.9 17.0. I have good fuel pressure and everything I have no clue what tunes on the car I didn’t get the tuner with it. I can’t...
  3. Fuel Delivery & Race Fuels
    Hello, i have a 2004 PT Cruiser GT Turbo 5-speed with a AGP stage 2 waste gate, 3" O2 housing and 3" cat-less down pipe, intake, HKS bov with block off plate and a Diablo Sport Intune on the 91 tune. It seemed fine for the first few months (ran 14.1 @ 101mph bogging off the line) and AFR's were...
1-3 of 3 Results