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Neon Srt-4
Stage 3r w/Turbo Toys, Meth Injection, DCR Pro Heads -- Fast
2005 Dodge Neon Srt-4 (Black)


DCR Option A Wiseco pistons custom spherical dish, machined valve pockets, additional accumulator grooves, additional ring land grooves, coated piston skirts. Stock bore and 8.5:1 compression.
- DCR coated main bearings and rod bearings
- DCR Billet oil pump gears
- DCR manual billet timing belt tensioner
- DCR complete oiling kit- windage tray, crank scraper, pick-up tube, baffle, big K&N filter kit, oil cooler delete
- DCR option A Eagle rods- Machined for proper wristpin fitment, and balanced DCR crank strap kit.
- DCR 5 LAYER head gasket
- DCR head studs, Nuts, and washers
- DCR pro series cylinder head- Intake/ Exhaust porting, Anti-Reversion exhaust ports, spherical combustion chamber, head pinning, head chamfer, head resurface, +1 oversized intake valves, +2 oversized exhaust valves, valve cutback, valve job, valve spring, lightweight retainers and keepers, valve seals, and top end oil modifier.
- Crane 14 camshafts
- Unorthodox racing adjustable cam gears- set by using DCR alignment tool
- Intake painted silver and port matched to head and throttle body by DCR
- NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
- DCR 180 degree spark plugs
- DCR Radiator Racing Cap
- Mopar Performance Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade with Turbo Toys- Stage 3Turbo/Turbofold, stage 3 PCM, stage 3 fuel pump module, Intercooler sprayers/pump, switch panel, map sensor, and tip sensor all installed.
- DCR modded walbro 255 fuel pump replacing the mopar stage 3 pump
- Maxxfab stage 3 3” catless downpipe
- Maxxfab 3” single outlet into Magnaflow muffler- 3” in and 3” out
- LFS 60mm Throttle Body
- Mopar performance spark plug wires
- Mopar ignition coil heat shield
- Mopar performance blow off conversion
- Snow performance stage II water/ Methanol injection with solenoid
- Aluminum PCV catch can
Mopar Lowering Springs/Struts
Wheel and Tire
OZ Superleggera -- 235/45/17



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