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Neon SRT
My son Just bought it a few days ago. Good thing that I pulled the VIN search as it's originally an Alberta car. Sold in Leduc in '04.
In '07 it was sold again to an owner in Sylvan Lake area, looks like it was driven on a lot of gravel roads (too bad but it's ok). Then the dealer took it in on trade (likely on a truck), and then sold to someone in the Lethbridge area where it's been living since my son bought it. (it really is amazing what a $30 title search will tell you).
Now she lives in Calgary, she's about a 6/10, needs some TLC, is going to be my son's daily driver for a while. I've decided that once he is done university (he's still in high-school so I won't be presumptuous), I'm going to buy it from him, do a full on rotisserie build and keep her here in the family.
Ya see, my son gets the benefit of having a gear head dad. I'm only 47 but from 18-25, I got to build some really cool cars, from my slammed '75 chev impala 2-dr, to my '69 olds cutlass 442 clone, to my 78 Mustang II King Cobra that we yanked the anemic 302 in favour of a more robust 351C_C6 & 9"pumpkin at the rear. So...Now i'm taken with the little red bantam rooster (yes I know a rooster is male), humor me...she is going to be transformed into what we all love...a Soob slayer.
2004 Dodge Neon SRT (Red)


All stock other than the BOV (replaced some time ago with aftrmarket), CAI.
Booger bushings on the shifter linkage (I just installed them)
The Timing belt/water pump will be done in the next few weeks
All stock - Front driver entry lumbar isn't as bad as I thought, but i'll be ordering and replacing that cover in a few weeks.
None - pics to follow
If anyone has a spare SRT hood laying around (in Canada), let me know otherwise, I'll have to yank this one, get an el-cheapo neon hood while this one goes to the body shop for re-work, it's a 4/10 due to someone not properly stowing the hood prop and that's all I'll say.
BTW - If anyone knows of a good alternate solution to the hood prop, love to see it. I'm looking at going to a hydraulic strut instead.
Nothing great, just what a smokin' deal I got for a stereo on Amazon. Will be putting in a 600w sub/controls in the trunk but when I take ownership...things change ;)
All stock so far. Not sure I'd change that aside from adding new a new master bush kit (urethane) from energy suspension in a few months and a strut tower brace, Dodge engineered the close ratio steering and suspension to work just fine out of the box. it won't be a pylon queen so I'll re-do back to above when I take command later.
Wheel and Tire
Winter tires - 1/4" spacers, SX Rims, All weather tires (15")
Summer tires -



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