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  1. 2012-2013 New SRT 4?

    SRT-4 Discussion
    Oh no...not another fugly car please...I'll just keep my neon SRT-4.
  2. Are You Too Old For An SRT4?

    SRT-4 Discussion
    52 going on 53 in February. Bought a 2004 brand new and still love it. It's pretty heavily modded now with forged engine, delta 55, 750cc, return line, 24 psi, water meth, act tuning and many other supporting mods. Never had so much fun with a car. I'll keep it "til death do us apart". I don't...
  3. Rattles!!! Squeaks!!! POP's!!!!

    SRT-4 Discussion
    1. sunroof rattle, when the inside panel is pushed back towards the rear. Panel too loose somehow. Need some padding on either side to make it more tight when it's pushed back. 2. I got rid of clunk in the trunk by filling rear shock towers with windshield gunk but now I think I got clunk in the...
  4. car does not feel right

    SRT-4 Discussion
    If all is tight and O.K then I would suspect rack and pinion (not sure I got this translated right from, or a suspension problem.
  5. Poll - Detailed Current Age of Srt4 Owners (2010)

    SRT-4 Discussion
    I'm happy to see there are a couple of old farts with me (49-51 group). Quite a bit surprised that there are qty 3 > 64+
  6. MINI Cooper cruise BUSTED

    In Quebec, for our opening and closing meets of the season where we gather approx 40 to 50 cars, we do not advise the police. Why would we? We just try to stay close to the speed limits on the transcan hwy (max 110Km in a 100Km zone). We don't get the exhausts going to avoid attracting attention...
  7. ARP head bolt torque vs SRT-4 manual

    Cylinder Head & Valve Train
    Yo. Yeah, I searched but I did not find what I was looking for. Modern performance says 85 ft lbs for all the bolts. The manual says: bolts 1-6 , 50 ft lbs + 1/4 turn bolts 7-10 , 35 ft lbs + 1/4 turn 1. What does 50 ft lbs and a 1/4 turn comes to in ft lbs? 2. What is the purpose of less...
  8. What happened to this place?

    I usually hang out in the French forum in Quebec. In fact they have a new address as the webmaster handling the old site was MIA most of the time: Club SRT Québec - Accueil I rarely come here anymore (except if I need to do some research on a specific topic), as the site is flodded with...
  9. how old are most of you?

    Off Topic
    50. Original owner of a 2004. Yeap, time flies....but the fun is still there. I keep going on the mods game. Going through forged block engine transplant while car is stored for the winter. I am an addict now. I ain't selling this car. It's the one I had the most fun to drive / play mechanics...
  10. do you think the Nsrt-4 will ever be a collectors item?

    SRT-4 Discussion
    I fully agree with this. Like it or not, this car was a landmark. I don't give a shit if it gains in value or not in the future because I ain't selling it anyways.
  11. NSRT4 OG thread

    SRT-4 Discussion
    Original owner here since sept 2004. A brand new black 2004 which now has 75,000 KM. Plan to keep it forever since resale value = shit. I love the car anyways so why should I sell it?
  12. MAXX Fab closing indefinitly......

    Maxx Fab Exhaust
    I have your O2 housing and that was a top notch product. Thanks and good luck with your job!
  13. Water in Interior? WTF

    SRT-4 Discussion
    I guarantee that works. I did that last spring and so far our summer here in Montreal is pure shit with rain. Not a single drop on my floor yet.
  14. Fuel return line installation and stock regulator

    Performance Modifications
    O.K so I need some advice with filling the stock regulator with J.B weld. You see, I already did it and I think I screwed up. When you fill the area that acts as the regulator, the epoxy sinks in through the little holes at the bottom. I kept adding some more J.B weld until it filled near the...
  15. Does your SRT-4 Sound like this ???

    SRT-4 Discussion
    I can relate to this problem a bit. With the MPX exhaust I sounded about half-bad as you did. I tried different things. One thing that made a small difference in my case was to change the IAC. There were still some pops which like someone said could be due to unburnt fuel associated with stage...
  16. Honest time, who else pees in the shower?

    Off Topic
    Jesus.....I don't like to smell piss in the shower so I kind of use the toilet because it was invented for Also, I am old.... so perhaps our practices were a bit different back then.....
  17. Will Iraq ever stabilize

    Politics / Presidential Election
    Anyways, going back to the original question, I will say no. As soon as the U.S military will pull out, shit is going to break loose because of the different ethnic groups in Irak. There will be a neverending civil war for power. In the past, these groups were more or less quiet. Hussein...
  18. The future of U.S economy

    Politics / Presidential Election
    Here is a nice site that addresses different topics such as the U.S economy, cars that work out of compressed air, what the world bank is really doing to 3rd world countries, etc....kind of what the news aren't always telling you..... The link below depicts the current status of the U.S economy...
  19. HOW-TO: Transmission Removal

    How To Forum
    Just came accross this thread....AWSOME! Thanks.
  20. Maxxfab vs. MPx Exhausts??

    SRT-4 Discussion
    Happy with my MPX. I have variants of it dual and single exhaust. The dual exhaust was too noisy when cruising on the highway (drone) so I switched to the single exit which was a tad more quiet. The cops did not like my muffler here so I switched again changing the rear end to a dual exit with a...
1-20 of 173 Results