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  1. Back in the Srt game!

    SRT Showoffs/Pictures
    After 4 long years since having to part ways with my last srt4, finally picked up a new one! 05 Orange Blast ACR with a stage 2 turbo kit w/ toys. Picked her up from the original owner and he took fantastic care of it! Just started putting my personal touches on the car (plasti dipped the...
  2. Tokico strut skid pad ratings?

    right on, thanks alot guys!
  3. Tokico strut skid pad ratings?

    Does anyone know how tokico struts with mopar stage 1 springs would compare to say a stage 2 or stage 3 coilover? Is it worth to extra money for the coilovers on the street?
  4. SSR Wheels

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey does anyone have specs on the SSR GT7 Hybrid wheel? Or happen to know if they fit on the SRT-4's? I can't seem to find specific offsets on these wheels anywhere. Thanks!
  5. Pink SRT-4

    SRT Image Editing & Artwork
    If start with either a silver or white car then the pink will become much brighter as opposed to painting over black.
  6. Tire psi question

    Wheels & Tires
    I've been running my 225 45 17 federal ss595's @ 40 psi for over 7 thousand miles now and I have less than 1/32 difference between the outside and center of the tires.
  7. Stage3 Turbo owners? Post your dyno numbers and setups

    Makes sense, but do the larger fuel injectors cause any affect on mileage?
  8. Stage3 Turbo owners? Post your dyno numbers and setups

    Hey guys I am considering upgrading to stage 3 but I am a little worried about fuel mileage. What kind of mileage are you guys pulling with normal city driving? I usually go between 175 and 190 miles around town when i hit 1/4 tank. Also if you have any other upgrades please list them as well...
  9. My og Light Mod... Yeah or Nay?

    Visual/Body Modifications
    Just wanted to let you guys know i'm from california and my buddy just bought a yellow srt a few months back. The previous owner put a similar blue tint over the fog lights and my buddy got pulled over narrowly escaping a fix it ticket.
  10. AGP WGA and Stage 2

    Performance Modifications
    ok got a few questions i am seriously thinking about running stage 2 and the agp wga. what are the benefits of the agp over the stage 2 wga. how much boost does stage 2 push compared to agp and which one holds the boost better? i want something thats gonna push a solid 19lbs and hold it. Thanks
  11. silver srt's show me your stripes

    Visual/Body Modifications
    Ive got a silver srt-4 that ive had for alittle over 6 months now. My buddy just got a yellow one with black stripes and now im jealous. Anyone have black stripes on there silver srt? please post some pics
  12. Mopar BOV

    Performance Modifications
    awsome thanks guys
  13. Mopar BOV

    Performance Modifications
    Hey guys just got the mopar bov from a fellow srt4 owner but i lost his number and he didnt give me the bolts to go with it. does anyone know the specs on the bolts that i need? thank you
1-13 of 13 Results