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  1. FS: CNCPORT SRT4 cylinder head and turbo back exhaust w/cat

    Parts For Sale - Archived Posts
    THanks for the good wished everyone : ) The head has been sold but the exhaust is still available.
  2. FS: CNCPORT SRT4 cylinder head and turbo back exhaust w/cat

    Parts For Sale - Archived Posts
    Hi guys, Some of you may recognize my screen name from being on the forums since 2005. Unfortunately I was in a car accident in January and it looks like I will not be driving my car anytime soon in the future due to a head injury. I am holding onto my stoned White but I had parts I had bought...
  3. Who has the best shoes? pt 3 : )

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey, I recognize those wheels:jester:
  4. Two Thousand Eleven Goals

    New England
    I would love to see that! Im not going to crazy with the mods so I will be living vicariously through all you big turbo guys:thumbsup: Thanks! I really liked the way it looked and the previous owner ShaneblastO was nice enough to cruise by on a sunday to show it to me. He did a great job...
  5. Big thanks to MASSSRT

    New England
    ya hes good like that. Saved my ass at NED a couple of years ago. Nate did too.
  6. The Official "Stone White" SRT Thread

    SRT Showoffs/Pictures
    Just got a stoned white 05 today from another forum member. I love it!
  7. Two Thousand Eleven Goals

    New England
    I reached my first goal of getting a new SRT that I purchased from a forum member as of yesterday. Here it is :clap: Second goal is to run 12s with a stock turbo and street radials on 93 octane. absolutely no removal of seats or lightening of the car. I just want to drive around and...
  8. 2005 White NSRT-4 46k miles Rhode Island

    Parts For Sale - Archived Posts
    SOLD to me!!:clap::clap:
  9. Return Line, Drilled Rotors, BOV, Turbo Timer, Etc

    Parts For Sale - Archived Posts
    Payment sent for the WGA. PMed.:thumbsup:
  10. 05' Commemorative Edition SRT4

    Parts For Sale - Archived Posts
    Props to the seller, You dont see alot of this nowadays. GLWS!
  11. Mods ?

    Performance Modifications
    WGAs are absolutely not obselete. They are just an older more tried and true way to easily and cheaply get more power from the SRT4 neon. The DSP is nice but I would put my SAFCII tuned WGA stock turbo car up against 99 percent of the DSP stock turbo cars out there. You can say their better...
  12. New zeta 2.8

    Performance Modifications
    I love the .48 A/R on street turbos J my man....... Just take some time to feel out the turbo and your driver mod will adjust. Thats the best mod you can ever have.:thumbsup:
  13. Drag DR-31

    Wheels & Tires
    I think the 17x8s look best. I love concave rims as much as the next guy but if they go past flush it completely looses the look for me and I particularly dont like stretched tires.
  14. New zeta 2.8

    Performance Modifications
    I have run 2 agp big turbos and got great results from both turbos. I also called for support when I had problems with some adjustments and they helped me out on that as well. Definitely good stuff.
  15. My new setup Evolution Effects ZR20 w/ Evo v12s

    Wheels & Tires
    Hmmm, I saw a pic of the rim and tire and didnt think much. Then you panned out and took a pic of the whole car plus some background and it looks real good on the stoned white. funny how that works sometimes :thumbsup: Dont let anyone put down buying rims on evilbay. Some of your best deals...
  16. devilsown brew

    Methanol/Water/Alky Injection
    lol.. at this thread. :jester:
  17. Delta 44 vs Delta 46?

    Their both AGP turbos so they both work great. All you need is to shift at the wrong rpm with the 46 and the 44 will win so its a drivers race between those 2 turbos. Their just so close.
  18. Work Emotion 11R...

    Wheels & Tires
    Damn!! RPF1's in any color FTMFW!!
  19. best tire to hook up on the street

    Wheels & Tires
    LMAO Werd..:readclose
1-20 of 191 Results