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  1. What Have You Done To Your Srt4 Lately?

    SRT-4 Discussion
    So you are ready for Showdown this Sunday!!
  2. New owner of a 2004 SRT-4 Neon, 146k miles

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
  3. Another afr thread...

    Performance Modifications
  4. NE Ohio.... Again

    Welcome back! ;)
  5. Windage tray ?

    Cylinder Head & Valve Train
    Good Advise as always RT!!
  6. Selector cable

    Drivetrain Discussion
    They are probably the incorrect cables, meant for a Neon.
  7. Wastegate

    Performance Modifications
    The arm is adjustable to a point.
  8. Windage tray ?

    Cylinder Head & Valve Train
    500 on the stock rods I wouldn’t personally do,forged rods and pistons. Also you are going to have to have more supporting mods to reliably run 500 even intermittently and this is with a very good tune.
  9. Leaning out higher RPM's

    Fuel Delivery & Race Fuels
    Try the injectors and let us know,but are you sure you do not have a leak?
  10. Possible 400hp build .

    No it will not hurt to run stock rods, you will have to change them if you want to go for more HP though. I do not recall if the wrist pins on the WISECO pistons are larger than the stock pistons and if they are you are not going to be able to reuse the stock rods. By bigger rods what do you...
  11. Possible 400hp build .

    Thought you said you found rods locally with the WISECO pistons? I wouldn't run stock rods and aftermarket pistons, run good forged rods too. "Do it Once, Do it Right."
  12. New member

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
  13. Need some help/guidance!

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    That's really how you check for leaks, the injectors have to be pressurized and tested for flow on a special machine. Cleaning is done at the same time.
  14. Windage tray ?

    Cylinder Head & Valve Train
    Correct, cannot have the balance shaft assembly in place with a windage tray, one or the other is the only option. Most windage trays use the mounting holes that is there after the BS assembly is removed. FYI, if you decide to remove the balance shaft assembly just remember to securely block...
  15. Gauge possible broke?

    Check for leaks and put another gauge to the manifold to compare.
  16. Clutch fork grinding on flex plate

    Build Threads
    No recalls ever on the clutch fork. Did it look worn down when you had it out? Do did replace the TOB too?
  17. Who can identify this mysterious electrical doer?

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    Looks like the Noise Suppressor for the injector/coil circuit. It should be grounded through and if you allow the terminal to ground out it will blow the *ASR fuse.
  18. tach and speedo

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Does the cluster test work? Damn, I forgot how to do that, but I think you hold down the trip reset while turning the ignition to Run, not starting the car.
  19. Vaccum line placement

    I take it that the diagram is not on the hood towards the rear anymore? Maybe this will help.
  20. Exhaust stud removal tips?

    I usually put a new one on there, no matter how it looks, don't like taking things apart again because of that.
1-20 of 200 Results