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  1. Bolt torque turbo to manifold AGP

    The ATP-based cast manifold kits should be around 61 N·m (45 ft-lbs). You could also drop AGP an email or give a call and see if they require something different. Only other thing to add, you may want to use a high-temp nickel (silver color) anti-seize on the threads. Some of the fastener...
  2. Srt4 idle bog down

    SRT-4 Discussion
    You can start with the easy stuff like cleaning the throttle body valve, removing and cleaning the idle air control (IAC) pintle and the hole it seats into in the throttle body area, checking all vacuum lines, and possibly replace the throttle position sensor (TPS) connector and short pigtail...
  3. Leaning out higher RPM's

    Fuel Delivery & Race Fuels
    If you had just a boost leak from somewhere in the intake tract, I'd normally expect the car to run as rich or richer. It is normal as the engine rpms increase for boost to drop but if you were holding decent air/fuel ratios before and now are going lean into high 12:1 range and getting knock...
  4. Wastegate

    Performance Modifications
    The Mopar Performance Stage 2 kit came with an adjustable wastegate actuator (WGA) and specified a few millimeter preload, where you'd disconnect the WGA from the manifold's wastegate flapper valve, mark where the arm is going into to WGA, then pull back out and put on the flapper, adjusting the...
  5. Selector cable

    Drivetrain Discussion
    Getting incorrect cables is highly likely, especially if they were from an auto part store. Often they'll have one listing or even show a different part number for the SRT-4's T850 transaxle but you'll get the base Neon T350 trans cables. If you have the old cable and can hold it together, it...
  6. Need some help/guidance!

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    A couple other items about the turbo. Oil on the inducer/impeller (intake) side could be from a leak in the center section but could just as likely be from blow-by through the positive crankshaft ventilation (PCV) system into the intake tract depending if your PCV is stock, catch cans, etc. You...
  7. Windage tray ?

    Cylinder Head & Valve Train
    If the engine is apart, have them drill, tap and plug the balance shaft oil feed if you're sure you're never go to reinstall working balance shafts. That will minimize the chance or leaks out the balance shaft assembly. The forums may make it sound "easy" to hit 500 whp but it requires a very...
  8. What Have You Done To Your Srt4 Lately?

    SRT-4 Discussion
    I'm not even sure if you can get Mopar OEM-equivalent boots and I can't comment on aftermarket. If you don't want to risk ordering one from a part store and getting a cheap piece of garbage, you might see if there are any axle or transmission shops in your area and see if they have anything...
  9. Another IAC issue thread

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    Without know which exact truck, and even then, it would probably be a guess. If you disconnect the idle air control (IAC) motor/pintle's electrical connector and get a solid, consistent idle, but then plug in and the idle is erratic, high or low, then I'd suspect either an electrical problem, a...
  10. Can anyone tell wich one is better to tune?? Thanks in advance

    Performance Modifications
    I should have paid more attention to the picture that you linked to one of the newer Predator 2. Here's Diablo's comparison matrix. The main advantage for inTune compared to the new Predator besides being able to make small adjustments to the fuel, spark and boost directly from the handheld is...
  11. Possible 400hp build .

    One thing to consider even if the wrist pin size is the same as the aftermarket pistons, the stock rods were designed for use with the lightweight cast pistons. If you install heavier forged pistons that will place way more load on the rods. It's not always too much power pushing down on the rod...
  12. Can anyone tell wich one is better to tune?? Thanks in advance

    Performance Modifications
    The first picture is a DiableSport inTune handheld, the second is their older Predator handheld. They'll both work if your primary goal is to load a custom tune into the car. If you want to keep multiple calibrations (tunes) on the handheld, plan to use the data logging features, and want to...
  13. Windage tray ?

    Cylinder Head & Valve Train
    If you're mainly wanting to build the car for road use and occasional drag racing, a windage tray shouldn't be necessary. The balance shaft assembly is nowhere near as good as a properly designed, baffled, trap door windage tray but keeps oil reasonably well controlled. These cars haven't had...
  14. Gauge possible broke?

    If that first picture is sitting with the car off, and already slightly above zero that's a good indicator the gauge may have been over-boosted at some point. Your best bet is to confirm with another mechanical gauge or if you have a scan tool (or handheld tuner) that shows MAP sensor reading...
  15. Clutch fork grinding on flex plate

    Build Threads
    If you didn't also replace the release lever (fork) and preferably the pivot ball it rides on, there's a chance it's worn down where the release (throw-out) bearing rides on it. That can cause it to get too close the clutch's pressure plate of the clutch and rub/grind. If you pop the rubber...
  16. 200,000 Mile srt4

    General Car Discussion
    I think there's been a few that made it to the 300-400k range over the years, but that's still impressive, especially with not many failures. Shows that proper maintenance and being a tough little car exceeded a lot of people's expectations.
  17. Diablo Sport Intune i3 Tuner 8345

    Performance Modifications
    If it's still paired to another car it's essentially a paperweight. If they restored the original tune to the car it was being used on and unlocked you might be ok, but I'd be very careful buying one from someone you don't know. Otherwise the only thing you'll be able to use it for is a...
  18. Exhaust stud removal tips?

    With regards to the aftermarket gasket, Mahle is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for most automakers, and they may very well be making the Mopar gaskets (side note, they made the fuel canisters and pressure regulators and other parts for the 2.4L turbo). It wouldn't surprise me if the...
  19. Exhaust has no pop :(

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    If it was doing it before, then you got a tune and it stopped, they may not have correctly set the "deceleration fuel shutoff". The pops and run-on are due to the injectors still firing a small amount of fuel during decel that gets burned in the exhaust system. If you installed all the upgrades...
  20. New, old srtforums member

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Welcome back. The forum isn't like it was back in the day, but there's still a few people kicking around.
1-20 of 200 Results