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  1. We Are Live - Community Feedback Thread

    Community Help
    I believe that is what they are talking about in another thread with respect to the "larger HD monitors". Basically the current setup was done in such a way (as I understand it?) in order to allow the same settings across all platforms, and because this includes smart phones, it is creating the...
  2. How many srt4s are still on the road?

    SRT-4 Discussion
    As far as the answer, I think we brought this up a couple of years ago. I'm too lazy (or simply don't know how currently with this new format haha) to look it up. I'd estimate around 4,000 or so, and of those, probably 1/4 are sitting in the garage in need of work.
  3. How many srt4s are still on the road?

    SRT-4 Discussion
    Actually 25,303 SRT-4s were built. The "23000" quote "came from a company corporate suit who had no idea what they were talking about." This statement came from the SRT/PVO team.
  4. I need an advice

    General Car Discussion
    Why do I have a distinct feeling that this is either a) your car, or more than likely b) inacarDOTcom is your website?
  5. my srt4

    You won't ever get a reply where you put this thread. I've moved it to a better location.
  6. We Are Live - Community Feedback Thread

    Community Help
    With the last generation site, there was a way just to keep the original look. Is that still a possibility or is that no longer possible?
  7. FUTURE Chrysler Products - Read & Heed

    General Car Discussion
    How about this beauty? This is the Fiat Qubo Anteriore, a five passenger vehicle and can be equipped with different engines like 1.3 Multijet diesel or 1.4 liter gasoline engine with 73 PS. The gearbox is either a 5 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic.
  8. FUTURE Chrysler Products - Read & Heed

    General Car Discussion
    So, as Chrysler LLC moves into this partnership, what are the models from Fiat that are peaking your interest? I have spent a little time this morning researching some of their vehicles. This one is kind of interesting: Fiat Grande Punto Exterior it has a mix of a GTI and Ford...
  9. Snowmobile vs. vette

    General Car Discussion
    I remember reading a story about 3 guys who were out riding at high speed, I think maybe in northern Minnesota, and they came up on open water unexpectedly, and two of them made it like a ridiculous distance by staying wide open on the gas, the third guy unfortunately was never seen again. In...
  10. Y so many people.

    SRT-4 Discussion
    It basically breaks down like this: 20% - Hate the SRT-4 because out of the box it beats most imports, and all hondas. 20% - Hate the SRT-4 because of encounters with asshats that drive SRT-4s, sorry to say, they exist, if you really think about it, most all of us have seen them. 20% - Hate...
  11. scammed by BlackRT

    Scammers Forum
    If other people see you talking to jimmy like you have thus far in this thread your life here is going to be quite miserable, very few people are as respected here as he is. This whole explanation of "he didn't ask for a tracking number etc etc" doesn't hold much weight at all, considering that...
  12. How To Get To Heaven When You Die

    Off Topic
    No, it doesn't.
  13. need help with putting in strobe lights

    Lighting Modifications
    Not sure if we have a ricer section for 'how to' threads :D
  14. Funniest sh*t you're going to see in a long time!!!

    Off Topic
    hahaha, I 'm guessing if these two poor bastards knew the company their photo was keeping they would be sending some frantic emails to get their photos off that website hahah.
  15. America has a rich tradition putting our most honored leaders on its currencies.

    Off Topic
    Not really, it is inviting a whole lot of argument, especially based on the OP ***EDIT: I just realized I have no room to talk, given my Planet of the Apes thread last week :) I digress, carry on
  16. Special cheerleading squad lifts spirits

    Off Topic
    Omg Dandywalker Malformation Dandywalker Malformation!! Dandywalker Malformation!
  17. How To Get To Heaven When You Die

    Off Topic
    You seem to have misread the post then, I don't see anyone trying to save anyone's soul, I see a fucking retarded attention whore, an utterly faithless faggot with no sense of spirituality at all, a flaming dipshit who deserves a special spot in hell for his egocentrical 'look at me' rhetorich...
  18. Prosecutor: Slain toddler said 'I love you' at end

    Off Topic
    I don't think you can seriously argue about any one of these being worse than another, they are all fucking horrible. I read the first few posts right when I got home tonite and had to shut the computer to spend some time with my little one... right after watching that video about swimming kids...
  19. Funniest sh*t you're going to see in a long time!!!

    Off Topic
    What in the fuck? The Hills Have Eyes has a dance club photo site????
  20. Washington Man Driving Boom Lift at 3 A.M. Tells Cops Craigslist Stranger Dared Him

    Off Topic
    You fucking asshole you know what I mean LOL So what if the cops in my area drive Dodge Diplomats and use CB radios! YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN MY AREA?
1-20 of 193 Results