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  1. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Those pictures look damn good, especially this one. If only srtboost was pulled up just a little bit so you could see his bfmic just a little.
  2. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Good to finally meet everyone. Had a great time, im really shocked we didnt get crazy on the run. I thought we would be there and back in 15 min. :lol:
  3. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    I have nothing going on till four, we meet at noon right?
  4. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Damn been along time since i have been on these forums. Apparntly my engine was all f***ed up when i bought the car. Three of the four cylinders were bad. Rod, bearing, cam sensor, the whole engine was screwed to hell. I have a brand new engine.. 280 miles on it. When is the you guys are...
  5. WTB: Black front fascia

    Wanted To Buy - Parts
    Just put my car through a fence. Front fascia was the only thing damaged. Looking for a black front fascia in the KS/Mo area. If you have one out of the area i might be interested in it, just need to know what shipping might be.
  6. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    In light of a job transfer, i will most likely be able to make it. Also let me know if any of you will be able to make it in april, so i can keep you informed when and where we are gonna meet
  7. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Revline sounds good to me. Sat is the best for me, i work Sundays.
  8. Does this seem like a good deal?

    SRT-4 Discussion
    Just a word of advise. When and if you go look at it look at all the bolts through out the car. If they are scratched up its a good indication its been fooled around with.
  9. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Ill be there should it be legit. Sounds like a damn good time.
  10. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Sounds awesome. Only thing i'm wondering is why is a guy with 5 posts organizing it?
  11. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Where did you get them from?
  12. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Damn im gone for a few days and we have multiple posts. Id be down for a meet any time, as long as there is no snow. My car has yet to see it and i would like to keep it that way. Also i would be willing to lend you my hands for the coilover install. Pm me and we can work it out.
  13. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Ive been looking into getting into the KC chapter of the SCCA. Its mroe my style of racing. HAve you looked into that sort of thing? Assuming that is your style. You prefer drag, track or do you street race?
  14. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Sounds like a plan. How long does it take to put in? My first mod would most likely be motor mounts. I know stock ones are terrible.
  15. KC Peeps, Whats going on tonight?

    NO but some dealership in kc has 4 of them. They require a credit check for a test drive. Im not sure which dealer, i happened to see it on craigs list.
  16. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    I was planning on it whan it started to get warmer. I put all the miles on her in the first 2 months, it was sad how much i would drive her. I would just circle the block for fun, lol. Ive been doing research to see which mod route i want to take. Ive been leaning towards stage 2 or 3 with toys...
  17. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Bought mine from Olathe dodge. Big mistake, car has defective clear coat on the hood and they have repainted it twice, they keep getting polyurethane dust in the paint causing it to fish eye. I had 26k miles now it sitting at just over 29k. bought her bone stock ans she is still bone stock. I...
  18. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Im Ted. Yeah a meet would be great. I would love to meet some fellow srt people. I got my car march 27th.Where did you get you car? Is you car stock?
  19. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    Could have been me, if it had already snowed i doubt it was though, i havent driven my car since it started snowing. I know one other guy in olathe that has a black acr, ive seen him at the great waste of space. Im almost sure i have seen you before on i35 coming from gardner. This was like two...
  20. Any Ks/mo around?

    Great Plains
    I know this has been done. I was looking for fellow srt enthusiasts around overland park/ olathe area? Ive only seen 3 or four other srt-4 cars around. I feel lonely :crying:
1-20 of 28 Results