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  1. Tech & Current Events

    Off Topic
    Oddly ran out of gas in the SRT wednesday afternoon. (my gas guage hasnt worked in years. I have the stuff to fix it, which hopefully i'll get to this weekend). I've been using the trip meter to track mileage and usually just fill up around 150 miles to be safe. I was barely over 100 miles when...
  2. spool issue

    Very difficult for us to try to help you diagnose your problem without first knowing if there are any aftermarket parts on the car. Are you still running the stock turbo? Did you do something with the car before this started happening? (hard accelleration, racing etc.) If you are unsure of what...
  3. what can be done to Mazda6's to make them fast???

    General Car Discussion
    Did you join here, just to bring back a 13 year old thread about a car no one here cares about.... ?
  4. Tuning Help

    Technical Tuning & EFI/EMS Electronics
    I would try contacting these individuals through their respective websites, or facebook. Never2muchboost: [email protected]: turbo666: duster360: mindmelt: Also i've seen a lot of recommendations for MI Tuning LLC...
  5. Tech & Current Events

    Off Topic
    I dont know about you guys... but i spend almost my first hour at work each day just catching up on the forums... lol
  6. Tuning Help

    Technical Tuning & EFI/EMS Electronics
    I'm going to break this apart and see if i can get some clearity here. Really, we need more information to even begin to try to help you. We need to know what all is done to the car. If you dont know, because you're new to these things, we understand. Get us some good quality pictures of...
  7. Gibberish Post1

    Off Topic
    sort of like the original post in this thread... and the title?
  8. Pls help

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    how does it taste? just kidding... dont taste it...
  9. 04 Overkill build

    Build Threads
    I saw your post on FB about your issues. Hopefully that bit of spark plug didnt completely ruin that cylinder, though i wouldnt get my hopes up. BTW, do you know if nigel is still using the same dyno he had in the old shop?
  10. What Have You Done To Your Srt4 Lately?

    SRT-4 Discussion
    My passenger side window goes up way slower than the drivers... but its never NOT gone up.
  11. AGP wastegate dumptube allen bolt hits o2 housing

    Performance Modifications
    As for what to do in that situation, i agree i would contact AGP first. If they dont offer much help, i would try a different bolt first. If that doesnt seem to work, i would mark the o2 housing a make a small dent in it right there so they don't touch. I know it isnt "right", and not as...
  12. AGP wastegate dumptube allen bolt hits o2 housing

    Performance Modifications
    Thats a strange issue. What turbo are you running? My o2 housing doesn't come anywhere near the wastegate flange like that. In fact, i have my o2 housing wrapped in exhaust wrap, and it still isnt anywhere near it. If you have a turbo which has a much wider exhaust housing, i could see it...
  13. Anyway to get rid of the ads?

    Site Rules/Updates/Discussion
    Thats exactly why i dont... haha i already knew that. I'm typically viewing the forums from work, which is a GOV computer. So i dont have control of any ad-ons or extensions.
  14. We Are Live - Community Feedback Thread

    Community Help
    I'm happy to see the change about showing the last poster to a thread. I didnt realized i missed it, until you added it back and yeah, its better. One other thing that used to be here that i personally liked, which is now gone, is where it showed a persons location under their name on the left.
  15. Anyway to get rid of the ads?

    Site Rules/Updates/Discussion
    I don’t see ads...
  16. Balance Chain delete questions

    Performance Modifications
    I think I may have used a hack saw...
  17. Balance Chain delete questions

    Performance Modifications
    Its been so many years since i cut mine, i dont remember the exact order in which i accomplished the task. I think between that how-to and your buddy, you shouldnt have any issues. Also, i agree with you leaving the assembly in place, unless you were building the bottom end (adding windage...
  18. Happy Earth Day

    Off Topic
    you joined this forum almost 3 years ago... and your first post is today, on a thread that hasnt been posted in, in 4 months. Just to let us all know how much you like earth day..... Very strange!
  19. Tech & Current Events

    Off Topic
    damn thats a lot of ugly...
  20. Turbo Advice

    Performance Modifications
    to make things even more complicated, you also have this as an option...
1-20 of 188 Results