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  1. Dont Ever Buy Brian Crower Stage 3 Cams

    Parts/Shops/Tuner Reviews
    Being honest this is just a rant without knowing what really happend. Care to explain how a cam made your valve stuck open? I would've said I agree with you if the cam broke or something but thats not the case right?
  2. What else do I get?

    SOT Archive/Trash
    regular members are 500X100
  3. What else do I get?

    SOT Archive/Trash
    600k is the largest you can go.
  4. Modify the site

    SOT Archive/Trash
    love that one what promise haven't we completed? the form i been working on? that's it? the other requests have been answered and done with. As far as the request above , i will look into it.. but i have yet to get a response on our upgrade to vbb 3.8
  5. Rev limit of stock bottom end?

    Cylinder Head & Valve Train
    hmm I would say 6800 especially after 300whp :) when i had my srt with the ems i revved it to that much all day and night doing 450whp .. but most of the time i shifted at 6400 anyhow. as many have pointed out you run a greater risk when revving it more rpm.
  6. What else do I get?

    SOT Archive/Trash
    not at this time.
  7. What else do I get?

    SOT Archive/Trash
    your max sig dimension is 650X250 while regular members is 500X100
  8. Build pics. More as build progresses

    SRT Showoffs/Pictures
    now thats a garage.. one with your own lift :)
  9. US Airways Airliner Down

    New England
    well i did find 2 things he was at minor fault for 1) When he called about the air strike , his 2nd turbine was still working ( although in bad shape) he called for the alternate and had it in sight, he instead decided to fly a pattern back to the airport. As soon as the 2nd turbine failed he...
1-9 of 9 Results