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  1. New member

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Welcome to the club!
  2. Newbie with an '02 ACR

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Welcome and get that thing fixed up correctly!!!
  3. Newbie

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
  4. Car stopped running

    Technical Tuning & EFI/EMS Electronics
    This might be far fetched but check your cam positioning sensor. It went out on my xterra a few years back and the car just died and would crank back over to start.
  5. Been awhile

    California Forums
    I just logged back into this site after 2 years. Feels good to be back.
  6. JMB Engines

    Performance Modifications
    Well I guess that's what I get for being away from the forums for a year and a half!
  7. Its been awhile

    Off Topic
    Whats up everyone, first time back on the form in a year and a half and was just wondering if any of the old school guys were still around.
  8. newish member

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
  9. Good alarm systems to use

    Audio, Security & Visual Electronics
    A garage!
  10. Diablo trinity

    DSport Workgroup
    Don't even touch anything until you get a A/f gauge.
  11. next mods?

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    So, why would you even post if you are going to trash the car out then sell it? I mean leave it the way it is if it only has 39k miles on it and sell to a person that will garage keep it or take care of it.
  12. Can't do it!

    SRT-4 Discussion
    You will, that's the reason I still own mine that I bought new. IMO I would keep it and just get another family friendly car. I also have 2 kids.
  13. House hunting!!!

    The Water Cooler
    I have a 2 car garage in a HOA, HOA isn't bad if you know the president!. But I cant wait to retire and move to either a 3 car or 4 car garage. 2 SRT's take up all the room in my garage.
  14. New to SRTs

    Performance Modifications
    What state? All of that sounds fishy.
  15. WTB WHITE, BLACK or SILVER SRT4 W Under 50k miles willing to pay 12 to 14k!!

    WTB - Vehicles
    Good luck man. I have more than that put into mine with only 47k mile on it, but I would never sell it!
  16. Newbie here

    SRT-4 New Owner/Member Welcome Section
    Welcome man! Please read and hope you find a good car that isn't trashed out.
  17. Srt4 whale penis

    Performance Modifications
    That shit looks horrible? What the hell is it?
  18. Performance shop in Georgia (preferably East)

    SRT-4 Discussion
    Just do it yourself. Its not hard, its going to cost you a lot of money for a shot to do it when it will only take you a few hours with a buddy and some beer.
  19. new to the SRT world

    Technical Tuning & EFI/EMS Electronics
    Staged PCM's are pointless now. Like ^ said, search man!
  20. Low Dyno Numbers

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    Did I miss what you were tuning with?
1-20 of 465 Results