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  1. CLEAN 04 SRT-4 Project car

    For Sale - Vehicles
    Testing waters for my project car 90% done. All assembled and built by me. Fabricated parts, Mint body, fresh built engine and transmission. LOTS into it. Everything clean, harness tucked, components deleted, relocated and organized. Il only respond to serious buyers. I have a few references as...
  2. SRT-4 Differential turning torque??

    Drivetrain Discussion
    I cant find anything for the SRT-4 transmission service manual, but the regular NEON trans service manual says the differential bearing preload turning torque should be set at 6-12 in. lbs. Can anyone tell me if this is the same for the SRT-4 T-850 transmission, please??
  3. FS: JE std bore pistons

    For Sale - Performance Parts
    what parts need to be sourced? any scratches or scores on the ringlands?
  4. ***UPDATED: If you can't see the buy/sell forum***

    SRT-4 Discussion
    Member for over 8 years, cant see classifieds :(
  5. Garage sale:03 fuel rail, 04-05 input shaft etc.

    For Sale - Non-Performance Electronics & Accessori
    Seth Caise Zepherz24 at yahoo dot com Genoa, IL 60135 all items are obo Stage 1 injectors (less than 10K) w/pawns $75 obo 04-05 input shaft 60,xxx miles $250 obo 03 fuel rail with schrader valve $50 obo A/C system minus EVAP. (compressor needs new pulley) $100 obo Stock 6 disc cd changer $30...
  6. FS: NSRT4 USED OEM Parts, over 250 parts!!

    For Sale - Performance Parts
    Texted and emailed
  7. FS-2004 blue srt4

    Parts For Sale - Archived Posts
    Hi, my friend just called you about buying the car, i reffered him. I have an srt and he wants me to check it out for him. Can you pm me everything that is modified in the car and any problems please. I can see from the pic.. The a/c is removed, the timing belt cover is off so hopefully its cuz...
  8. FS: 17x8 Rota Boost, Misc Suspension Parts

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    Still for sale? I got srt stockers
  9. FS: Externally Gated FP Green (EF2 equivalent) Mopar Stage 3

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    If this is still for sale in one month.... Its mine! Lol
  10. FS: JT Autostyle Lambo Doors, Stock Taillights

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    Pmd Sent from Free App
  11. Need help, cant find this part

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    Thanks i found it on moparartsamerica for $20 :D Sent from Free App
  12. Need help, cant find this part

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    Thank u. Do u know if this is a dealer only part? Advanced couldnt find it Sent from Free App
  13. Need help, cant find this part

    SRT Problems & Dealer Service
    After my accident i found more extensive damage. I need help finding this part and/or part number. as u can see from the pics, the spot with a number on it is broken off :/ Any help greatly appreciated
  14. Aem tru boost gauge/controller

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    Sold Sent from Free App
  15. REAL pics of orangemamba

    SRT Showoffs/Pictures
    Nice 1/4 time... Wat r ur mods? I got full bolt ons and duster360 e85 setup and could only get 12.7. But i was on my stock size street tires and no wot box/2 step Sent from Free App