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  • HybridKid ·
    I got mine years ago, don't quite remember how long it took. I modified mine recently where it is a hybrid now of how some have done their baffles. Could never get it to not leak even slightly because you do not reuse the stock oil pan gasket and my OCD for not having oil pan leaks was driving me crazy. :grin:
    lVlemphizStylez ·
    Hey man,

    Yeah it uses the stock feed line up to the firewall then I use a quick connect adapter to then run the -8AN line to the rail. So like a -6 (5/16) into a -8

    Truthfully the -8 isn't even necessary; stock fuel feed has supported over 600whp on e85. Only reason I did it was because it looks cleaner on the rail.

    It's a dual full blown setup with twin 325 (or 340 can't remember) lph full blown pumps. That is wired through 8 AWG wire going to the alternator (fuel pump rewire). There is also a -6AN return line that runs to an Aeromotive FPR. The feed is as I described above. All that feeds 1300cc ID injectors. Also there is a 10 micron Aeromotive -8AN fuel filter inline between the firewall and the rail
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