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  • subsocial ·
    Hi Turbo666,

    My name is Jessy, I've been browsing these forums quite a bit recently in search of a someone who has experience with Diablo Sport tuners and every thread I come across references you. I'm hoping you still do custom / Email tunes as it is very difficult to find anyone in Canada that does this sort of work on the Neon SRT4.

    If you do happen to still do the tuning, here is a list of mods I have done to my vehicle.
    Diablo Sport I2 tuner
    GodSpeed intercooler
    AEM 3" CAI
    Forge Heavy waste gate actuater (Unsure of spring preload)
    HKS SSQV bov
    3" DNA motoring downpipe
    3" DC Sports Cat back

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    DDC2013SRT ·
    Hey Nigel, I tried sending you a pm but it kept saying your box was to full. But I wanted to get some price quotes from you for a custom tune on my Diablo T1000 trinity. PM me so I can let you know my upgrades and plans, thanks a ton man!
    ShickyBalboa ·
    Hey there, Just got an 05 SRT4 which already had quite a bit done to it. For now it is undriveable. Upon further inspection I found that it has 750CC injectors and still is using the stock tune. I have a Diablosport i1000 tuner. Are you able to create a tune to scale the injectors?

    fastasleep ·
    I just bought an '03 SRT4. It is a hacked POS, but is all there....needs a hg. This car was bought at an auction after a title-pawn business ran it through. So, I have no idea about it other than what I can see.
    There is an AGP wg on it and a DiabloSport sticker on the real glass. It has a 3" exhaust, stock injectors, and stock fmic. I am wanting to put it on E85, but I have no idea what calibration has been loaded if any. There is a suction cup base on the windshield that leads me to believe there actually was a DSport system on it...........
    Is there a way that you can tell what this thing has and set me straight? I am only doing stock turbo/higher than stock boost pressure (17-18 psi) at first as I am entering an event that limits me from too many mods. BUT, I think an E85 tune, in-tank 255 lph, injectors, and a good preventive once-over would put me at the top. I will add studs and a Cometic since I have to change the hg anyway.
    04srtx383 ·
    hey hows it going everywhere i look i hear about how good you are was wondering if you can help me out 04 srt4 agp wg, spike 22-25 redine about 18 to 17 im not sure but i think previous owner put a billet wheel havent gotten time to look, hks bov, bigger front mount and piping 3inch down pipe no cat full borla exhaust rc 750 injectors for now ive the intune v2 and i was wondering if you can make me a tune how and whats the process do i need to data log and send to you how much would it be?

    thank you very much
    mluckey ·
    Good evening!

    I'm prepping for the Arkansas Mile event the first week of June. I'm tuning the car bit by bit. I just hit 260WHP/325 torque and feel that with Stage2 injectors and a rescale that I can hit about 280Whp and still be streetable. I have two questions for you

    1. Are you still in the business of tuning by email for DSP tunes?
    2. If you're still in the business of tuning, would an injector rescale affect the other tweaks to my 93 Octane tune tune (COT disable, O2 disable etc.), or just the injector scaling?

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    d3athcult ·
    hey just a quick question im having issues with my srt4, do you do custom tunes I have a diablo predator. let me know thanks.
    Schmitty1188 ·
    Hi nigel i was wondering what it would cost for some email tunes for my car i plan on doing an engine build with cams 750 injectors and fp bigger front mount if you could please pm me for a price on some tunes i would really appreciate it
    kritter561 ·
    I've read that you're the best with srt4 and I was wondering how to get in contact with you to have you work on my car. If you can, I will come drive out there when ever. Give me a call or text please if possible. My number is 6158015176 thanks
    clyde v ·
    Hey can I ask a question I read on here all day and ur the smartest srt dude I've come to read lol. U see. U have tuned 20g I get boost around 5 k full boost is 16 even an steady iv done boost leaks and exhaust leaks an none the engine is built on bottom end and 888cc fuel pump 255 what can I do to peak up my boost man it does pull hard as hell but jus need it sooner and its internally gated plz help shed light I am the first onwer of this car since 2005 jus to say I really. My girl
    Flybye ·
    are you still making e85 tunes? I have a near stock car id like to run e85 in, im going to order the 888cc injectors from agp and the 255 pump. is this all I need? is there a better option? do I/ should I get 3bar? what would you charge for a tune?
    my mods are exhaust,intake,dsp with hardpipes on the way.
    thank you
    Srtfourlyfe ·
    Hi im having trouble tuning and my car randomly goes dead lean not sure what to do and wondering how to get a custom tune.
    Jacobmc24 ·
    hey Nigel can you PM me a price for a stock turbo e85 email tune? I have a trinty and basically bolt ons, injectors and 255fp. id like a rescale tune for both e85 and 93 so I can switch back and forth. both pcm boost. thank you!
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