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  1. Ground for sub

    Performance Modifications
    That or there's a tab up behind the tail lights that you can ground to, depending on exact amp placement.
  2. Tech & Current Events

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    5" or so in the road on the way home, but it looks like once again I timed it perfect to go through at its highest. Nothing in the garage or anything this time. That potential tropical storm in the Gulf looks to be headed our way at a bad angle so I may get high water again so I will be moving...
  3. Tech & Current Events

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    All wind driven across the sounds/bays. 30+ mph out of the south or anything westerly will drive the water from the other side to us. Drove through 4-5" on the way home, it's up since then, so keeping an eye on it in the back yard. Got probably 8-10" before I NEED to move the cars. Garage is...
  4. Tech & Current Events

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    About to get flooded again.
  5. Tech & Current Events

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    Since the monday after Dorian hit, we haven't had any rain out here. 25 days now. One day they recorded a "trace" but that was a heavy dew day. We may get some rain Monda/Tuesday, but it's possible we'll hit 30 days without any measurable precip. btw, 4 weeks since dorian tried to wipe an...
  6. Old member trying to log in

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    He needs to get in touch with administrator. Other staff, including myself, can't do anything.
  7. Tech & Current Events

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    Nope! I'm house/pet sitting tomorrow and having to figure out this stuff for class.
  8. Tech & Current Events

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    It's obx Jeep fest weekend.
  9. Tech & Current Events

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    Teaching math for a month or so, but it's not knowing exactly where they are skill-wise right now and not having physical books to work from that's the difficult thing. Next week we should be getting the online book logins but there's not really any lesson plans because of the lack of...
  10. Car rental

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    Keep or spam clean?
  11. Tech & Current Events

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    I'm a bit overwhelmed with my new gig.
  12. Tech & Current Events

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    Allergies kicked my ass the past 3 days.
  13. Tranny fluid

    SRT/Mopar Nationals Meet Discussion
    Any atf+4
  14. Tech & Current Events

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  15. Tech & Current Events

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    That stuff is more expensive than a new roof! I did see a commercial building get some sheets of ice and water shield and put them OVER the damaged area but tuck it under an upper row of good shingles. Since it's basically sheets of adhesive rubber it's not going to leak or flap around and...