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  • vpsrt ·
    You dnt think it will rub with the 225/45-17 my car is lowered on eibach sportline spring currently have 205/50-17 on stock wheels thanks
    yamaharider125 ·
    hi how you doing i have read pretty much all of ur posts in wheel and tire tech. and i have a quick question about 17x9 with a 35mm offset. i have already rolled the fenders ext. in the back i can see it will clear no problem what so ever. any information on the front though. i know without a doubt it will be rubbing trans need to figure out if i should run a lower offset or go with spacers and move the whole wheel away from the strut tower and the trans in front. any information would be a serious great help. and thank u if u would rather call that would easier i guess as well 9086199676 thank u once again
    Jillustre ·
    Hi... I want to know if I put some mopar lowering spring with the mopar srt strut,if is it gonna reduce the life of the strut because I use lowering spring?
    bluebeast ·
    Thanks for the info. one other question for you. what section of the for sale forum would get the best results considering I'm selling everything. Wheels, performance parts. Body & interior etc.
    Kellyn ·
    I searched all over and could'nt find my answer. I installed eibach pro kit spring on friday and i'm pretty sure I intalled them wrong. I think I put the rear spring on the front struts and vice versa. Are the longer springs with less coils supposed to be in the front or the shorter springs with more coils? Looking up into the wheel well the bottom three coils are all touching and compressed so I don't think the struts are getting any travel. Damn to much work to make such a simple mistake.
    Blonde_InLove ·
    i was looking at thread for problems on this site, and i saw in your sig a picture of your SRT4, very clean:] the lids caught my eyes. haha.
    stowaway ·
    That will be a pretty good setup that I would prefer to the cheap coilovers on the market. Should be able to do it for less than $900.
    omar07 ·
    hey i wanted to know if the koni inserts with sport line springs would be a good set up on a budget? also if u recomend anything else your advise would be really help
    spcforker ·
    What category does the wing fall under, in the FS section.
    I said
    For Sale - Non-Performance Electronics & Accessories

    For sale section for non-performance electronics such as stereo and lights and misc. interior and exterior components.
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