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  • 97whitecoupe ·
    Hey I was wondering I've been on since like 2010 and have done a ton of sales and buys I have perfect feedback and I was wondering if you could cut it down to like half the 90 days and like half of the posts to get into the forsale fourms I'm mostly just looking to buy stuff for my srt I just bought?
    daytonagts ·
    Hey Tim Hows it going, just thought I'd drop you a line since I havent been around the forum in along time. Thought I would check it out and see if it is back to being a more friendly place to play ;) If you ever want to get ahold of me my email is [email protected] . BTW I do still have your parts I just saw you sent me a message about 4 years ago about them, sorry i didn't get it. But with all the harasing I was getting I just had to leave. Later Bro ;)
    viper gts ·
    Hi please check out my thread on guitars on the off topic thread...I am new here and I obviously posted this thread in the wrong place...some of your members are way out of line on there comments...your moderator stowaway threatens to ban me cause starting "quote" shifty threads and gets in on the bashing of a newbie? These guys rancid comments are out of line after reading the forum rule 8, way more reason to be banned than starting a open topic thread about guitars. I have never been on any site where a moderator gets in on threats and bashing in my life...maybe he shouldn't be a moderator,cause hes not doing a very good job. Thanks
    Chille_ ·
    Hello, just bought an srt4 the other day.

    Made this username a while ago before I had one.

    If you dont mind, could you change this username to


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