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  • Pullifrone ·
    Hey, I have been attempting to gain access into my old account and have had no success. I have forgotten the email address I originally used to set up the account and have sent several emails in to have it recovered with no response. My previous Screen Name was "Orange_05"

    Can you help me out here?
    dallas ·
    Hi, I was curious as to why i cant access the F/S section. I had gotten a warning from another mod when i was at like 20 posts, I emailed him personally after i had reached the posts and asked him what I needed to do since I had reached the post count and everything and he bumped my posts from 50 to 35. What gives? I won't be able to ever access my local F/S section because he doesn't like me? I posted well over 70 times JUST to get to 50, I'd post 10 different posts and it'd count as 3..can you please help me? This seems ridiculous that he is going to keep me from doing what I should be able to do seeing as I've met the requirements.

    repin_srt4acr ·
    Hey i have searched around and found nothing and then posted 2 threads trying to get a response to a question, but so far nothing. Do you know if there is a thread already discussing replacing bad AEM digatal gauge sensors? I just need to know if there is a place I can get some sensors cheaper than from AEM because they want $120 a pop for them. Thanks
    shiby3041 ·
    If im looking to sell a couple big items locally, I dont want to have to deal with shipping. Can I post a link to my craigs list add in the sub section of my regional local area. Just letting the locals know about my stuff I have to sell? I will be building a FS thread legit for all the rest that I can ship. Thanks
    bufflewin ·
    any reason y i am getting this message? bufflewin, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
    dizfunky ·
    Do you think I could get access to the for sale section? My dad just sold his summer car and I am looking to buy a car this weekend. The SRT-4 is an option of mine, but I know the guys here keep theirs in tip top shape. thanks.
    bcolby ·
    hi is there anyway to get access to the for sale section, i dont post alot cause im still learning and trying to read before just posting away. i need parts for my car and i think i would be able to find some good deals in there.
    slims_srt4 ·
    I'm sorry to bother you with this but I have PM'd an admin and submitted my problem to the site all with no response. I was just wondering if someone can tell me why my photos in my photo album aren't viewable. I put 10 pics in an album and the folder is viewable in the "recently uploaded albums" page, but it won't let you click into it and no photo shows up on the folder. Do you know why my album is doing this? Thanks in advance for any guidance, I really appreciate it.
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