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  • demichel ·
    I have a SRT4 who have right now 300whps aprox, but in the future i will have 450-500whps its my goal. Can i use 24.5 x 8. x 15 slicks?? What is the price?. I have stock calipers and Tein springs.
    Ridin59vette ·
    Hello, I Just picked up a set of pt steelies, I am Looking for a slick that will work with the setup I am running, Currently running 3" TBE ,3" 02, No cat 3"DP, Dsp, Mpx Hard pipes hot and cold, HKS Bov, MSD Coil, Tein Lowering springs 2.0"F 1.8"R ACT 6 Puck, What would your recommendations Be?
    Josh_srt4 ·
    Hey bud... I have been looking and seen many different responses to what size slick I should be running. I figure I am around 390ish whp. I have a 26x8.5x15 MH slick. I keep breaking axle since my clutch and new and improved tune. Would down sizing to the 24.5x8.5x15 be any help. I am not the greatest at launching the car, I know I need to work on it (feathering/loading). My 60' is around 1.8-1.9 on the 26" slick. Gator says my major problem is the tire height. He wont build me axles till I get the 24.5" slick. Please help breaking axles is getting annoying and making it not fun to race my car as a weekend warrior. Thanks in advance appreciate it.
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