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  • srt4716 ·
    Hey I have a 04 stage 2 w toys and I just bought it the guy has the scrubber installed and never had a problem getting it inspected.. well I just found out about the tranny codes and the scrubber when I Google why I failed the inspection ... so he told me that he put what in or whatever and I'm readying online there is supposed to be a blue led when it's on? I don't have any led light weather I hit the button a few times hold it turn the car on or off .. nothing what could be the problem ?
    razor2ice ·
    hello jay
    i am a friend of Saul Rodriguez. He has highly recommended you to me for information. I have a turbonetics 50 trim setup with all the bolt-ons. currently i use a afc neo to tune but i am inquiring and changing to the dsp or dst. Do you have any custom tunes readily available for purchase. Or do i need to setup a time to do some dyno pulls with you. i currently live i valdosta ga but i have a house down in tampa, thats were i know Saul we worked at toyota together for a year or so. any info would help thanks
    Narley21 ·
    Hey I have a stage 2 w/ car toys kit and i have to pass emissions here soon. how much do you charge for the code scrubbers?
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