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  • 85glht ·
    Neil, still dabbling in tuning I see.... doing anything for the older turbo dodges? Ie 87 logic module tuning....



    P.s. I’m still running one of your ND Performance tunes in my car.... just looking for an adjustment
    mr_holiday ·
    Hello, Im currently building my neon, and almost finished. I have RC 1200cc injectors, but I don't know whether an AMS standalone would be better or just the AMS piggyback (trying to save money) also, I'm going to purchase the DiabloSport Trinity soon, how does the tuning work with both the trinity and piggy back? This is my very first car build ever btw, so I don't really know much about the tuning process.
    nemiro ·
    I can tune DS or SCT, and if a tuner is worth anything, they will not only tune for WOT, but idle and everything else in between, too. You cannot rescale for the 3 Bar without a tune.
    manny z ·
    Hay bud, I have read a lot of your post and see that you are the one person that will be able to help me on what I am looking for. My car is an 2003 with a stg 1 comp and inj, 255 walbro fuel pump, APEX I 2 fuel controller, fm e2 turbo, and ported exh manifold. I ran this combo on the track just once, at only 18 psi. I know this turbo and set up has a bit more in it. What I am wondering is, how can I rescale the comp to run a 3bar and tip without running a DSP? Correct me if I wrong but, don't the tunners that are out right now only use the tunes that are in them when you are at WOT? I just want to have the option the tune my car from idle, to redline. is this possible? I still have my stock comp by the way.
    goober87 ·
    Hey nemiro, cant wait to get that sct tuner with tune from ya in the mail!! After that car will be ready to rock hopefully , very excited. Get back to me please so I can send ya the money :D
    Wats up names steve. I o got a question for u...i read in an old thread that u said you've used rc750's on a stage 3 and ran a e85 tune with them with no problems? I have a evo 9 turbo going in and i want to run full question is do you think my dw750's would be able to utilize e85 on my setup? If not i have 1150 fic injectors that will do the trick but figured if you and others were able to do it, then maybe i can too you know? I will be tuning with dsp and sct and have all the supporting mods needed...let me know what you think and if you have some good info, shoot knowledge my way i could really use it.
    SilverbulletSRT*4 ·
    You don't know where I could get a BC Exhaust valve 29.5mm without buying a whole set do you? I burned up one and was just going to replace the two for that cylinder only.
    Atrocitus ·
    Sent you a PM a couple days ago...can you get me the pricing for the TCS update, ESS cable, and map switcher so I can send it to you? I already talked to a lady at FWD Performance and she gave me the shipping address and told me to go ahead and send it off...that was last week
    SexyDan ·
    Hey, looking for someone to help me with an SCT tune. Mine is jacked right now and I need help. Wondering if you have time, and if so, $$ and time? I should have all facts needed.
    nemiro ·
    The latest software is NOT made for your older TCS. However, I can update it to make it compatible. Cost is $65. The WOTShift function (we call it ESS) works once the box has been updated with this service. The ESS cable is $37.
    SRTBigman ·
    hey i wanted to know will the new update will work with the old system n i wanted to know if u got the wot box system for the tcs system n how much is for it if u still make them n sell them?
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