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  • SRTPT03 ·
    nice, sounds like a pretty sweet neon, and ya the pt's aren't the easiest most spacious thing to work on, that's one of the only things i hate about mine, they seem to assume you're a 2 feet tall contortionist and have 8 foot long arms with 7 elbows, but what are you going to do lol. i just noticed you said you're going to be selling a bunch of parts soon, you should shoot me a pm and let me know what you have, i'm planning for an engine build and 50 trim this winter if all goes well, so i might need a few things.
    monzaguy ·
    This is "monzaguy" from Calgary. Own an 05 PT/GT vert. Very fast but expensive for parts,and a pita to to work on. Had a parasidic drain that took forever to locate (foglight relay) so the mullti function switch had to be replaced. That was the latest thing to go wrong with it. presently workin on my 03 Neon R/T "conversion". Motor now complete transplant should take place this weekend. All things considered I think I have a 10 second ride here,as in on the track of coarse.
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