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  • Hittman ·
    I called last week about a BWS setup. I am very interested in your turbo setup.. I have a few questions..
    Thank You
    Robert Coomer
    606 465-5610
    Jimmy_SRT4 ·
    hello, idk if your still doin the bws, but i have 2 stock turbos that need rebuilds... was wondering if you would like to purchase them... no use for me any more, going big turbo... lmk, t.i.a...
    mo20duane ·
    Hey, was wanting to know how much it would cost to put a 16g in my stocker? And would this be able to be done in two weeks? You can text me at 254-630-5771 because I hardly get on the forums. I will be checkin my inbox on here if you don't feel like textin. Thanks, Duane
    bjohnson1 ·

    What's the price for your BWS turbos? Also, what else is done to the turbo as far as inspection or replacing worn seals and bearings? Lastly, what payment type do you accept?

    Navorone ·
    Hey I just wanna know what route would you recommend and pertaining to the bws or e1. Like what are the differences and what are the prices. Thanks
    Gambletheodds ·
    I dont know you but you know my car. I bought a 05' white from a dealership in la 3 months ago. I knew when I bought it that it had been put back to stock, then last week I found a receipt tucked behind glovebox with Chris Farrells name on it. Got the nerve up to call Chris last night, you know more about the rest of the story than I do. Long and short I wanna build an all out monster and want it to be show clean. originally from Oklahoma, I'm living in Redlands now and want to get this project started yesterday, I just wasnt sure of who to build it. You know my car better than I do, so if nothing else if you could give me a call or text asap I would really appreciate it. thanks alot-Corey 951.591.9059
    StoneSrt ·
    Well im going to do what everyone else is doing and send you a message about a BWS. If you could send me some info about it that would be great. I want to use my turbo obviously and when you get it do you check to see if it needs rebuilt or do you just put the bigger wheel on it or what? and the price for different options. all the info you have would be great. i already have bigger injectors and fuel pump dsp wideband and all that good stuff. just wanting to do this now and maybe big turbo later. thanks in advance!
    SACKlunch ·
    Hey man, Just looking to get some quotes from you as far as bws stuff and pics if you have them. Want to know prices on sending a good core to you and working your magic. Also are there different stages to what you have available? Please email me at [email protected]

    Andrew McCollum

    P.S. I'm currently running a ptp ssv2 bws and it's been great. looking to do another car with something better but not big turbo.
    kiefersrt ·
    hii mole ! i have aquestion for you ! someone from the clubsrtquebec told me to come and talk to you here ! i was looking for a turbo E1 or a bws turbo for my neon srt-4 and a pcm stage 2 to go with that turbo ! i was wondering if you could find that for me !
    Ricky Z ·
    Hey mole' it's Richard Snell. Wondering if you have a tracking number for my turbo or if you can still overnight it. The rest of my project is finished. You can text me at 9082270934 when you get this
    manny z ·
    I have a question for you. What do I have to do in order to run a 3 bar map sensor and tip sensor? I ask cause I am running a FM E2 turbo, with a ported exh manifold. I also have a stg 1 comp, an apex I 2 fuel comp. I know it is old school crap but, I was gone for like 3 years and have not had the chance to upgrade.
    Marcostkt ·
    hey what up let me know if i can still get the shirt..???
    need 2 of them
    just get back know is late preciate the help
    manny z ·
    Hay bud, just by chnce you interested in any stock turbo cores? I have 2 that only have less then 10k on them. Just cleaning out my garage.
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