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  • valvefloat ·
    i ordered a Ishihara scrapper/windage tray..... going to be a month of waiting ... i have called and keep saying "I'm working on it"

    did it take a month to get yours?

    i believe he has the best one.. i'll keep calling and waiting i guess
    SilverBullet ·
    Got a skittle! Yey...and I picked...


    ...for few personal reasons, and one is for the guy I never met but will never forget. :)

    Now the fun work begins.
    SilverBullet ·
    Hi! I hope you've been well. It's been years since the last time I was active in the forums. And I am glad to be back.

    I thought I'd say hi to old familiar name, "HybridKid".

    gnat turner ·
    Do you happen to have any video or audio recordings of your SRT-4's exhaust? I've been looking into getting an exhaust with 2 borla XR-1 mufflers in the midpipe. You have the only SRT I've see with that configuration.
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