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  • Madisonr34 ·
    Hey hack i was reading your older post on your headlight harnesses and i want to know which wire (color, location) did you use for your relay trigger wire. I am making my own HID 9006 to H1 relay harness. Any help would be great. Thanks.
    BGsrt4Life ·
    so successfully completed your how to on wiring in leds into the switches, the only issue im having is with the passenger side window switch. when i use the driver side window control to operate the passenger window the led goes out. when i use the passenger side control to operate the window it stays lit. any ideas?
    Lovinthesrt ·
    Hey just read your post from 2005 about your HVAC, dash, and tail lights going out from a short in your circuit or something. I'm having basically the same exact problem with my srt and its a bitch. what fixed your problem did you just have to rewire it?
    wesclark_ ·
    do you still make retrofit projector headlights for 2004 srt-4???

    if yes,

    1. how much?
    2. how much for shipping to windsor, ontario, canada n8w 2y7
    3. how long does it take?
    4. do you give options for the shroud choices? ( i like the gatling gun )
    5. where do you get your headlights from (brand new) ??
    brianlawrence15 ·
    Hey I read a post where you said you sell and make srt-4 headlights, could you please
    email me some pictures of them and how much they cost.. I've been looking for a set
    for months and can only find halos and stock. Thanks alot for your help, my email is
    [email protected]
    nsrt4me ·
    Hey man, I read your HID newb post about 342424times. Im getting HIDs and i need help and i figured you would have the most knowledge. I see that 4300k has the greatest usable light output at 35w. I am looking at the ddmtuning kits..they have a 4500k kit thats nice, but they offer a 55w kit for just 10$ more that puts out 40% more light. my question is, is it a good idea to get the 55w kit over the 35w? also it ssays that the 55w kit washes out color and i want mine to be a white to cool blue look, so would i get the 6000k kit to have the look of the 4500k kit?? also i want to get a kit for my fogs but dont know what bulb type the fogs are. would the simple 35w 4500k kit in both fogs and headlights have good output? i use my fogs like headlights bc i live in the city and dont get fog....heres the link HID Kits, BMW Aftermarket Bumpers & Lighting, DEPO - DDM Tuning ,,,,,thanks!
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