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  • dodgezdad ·
    I thought I would send you a message and info about the upcoming "Tail of the Dragon" meet.
    Since I live in the Upstate I do a lot of spirited driving up in the dragon and many of the excellent roads they have up there. The last time I went with a SRT-8 group with my friend Dragvan we had problems with some of the natives trying to run us off the road. This assault just happen once again a couple of weeks ago when a woman became enraged and very dangerously sped up and used the center of the road. We have her actions and tag on cam which I'm sure she would not like. She did stop at the lead and told him that she had called the police.
    The other things to worry is the small towns with no other income but though fine. Bicycle riders are also getting worse and the think they own the road. It's not uncommon to see a 90 lb guy in pink tu-tu in your lane, so you have to be careful.
    Just though I could help you.
    Thanks for for listening!
    Dodgezdad, Chuck Franzen
    cimotorsports ·
    Okay this is the 3rd time asking for this thread to be removed.

    We have been getting harassing phone calls and messages over our Live help system ever since this thread has been started by Gabriel, in which we did help this customer before he even posted up negetive remarks on the forum:

    We dont have the time / resources to play games with people from here. I figured the users of this forumn would act a little more mature.

    -Jude Mastaler- Co Owner CI Motorsports
    RuthlessSRT ·
    hey man whats up my names johnny. just wondering why im not on the list anymore?? i was like #30 or 31. let me know, thanks
    09InfernoC4 ·
    I am trying to get to the for sale section but it says that I do not have the proper permissons for this account? Can you please give me permissions to get to the for sale section or tell me who I need to PM in order to get permission.

    Thanks and see you in October for the Showdown,
    SRT48MAN ·
    Hi Friend, I'm trying to find a Moderator that was here last year by the name of FIG, do you know who he is and how to contact him?, I lost his info and I need his help.
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