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  • Fontes59 ·
    you did an awesome job on the rebuild and i own a black 04 and i wanted to paint it white but i didnt know how it would look with black under the hood but it still has a clean look
    Fontes59 ·
    hey just wondering did u paint your car since its vw white and was it a diffrent color before or was it white before paint?
    jwc22 ·
    do you know anybody who might have a good left fender in black? i hit a deer in my nsrt just before i shipped it
    V8LMFAO209 ·
    thanks for the link, looks pretty nice, its different and thats what im looking for.
    do u have any links whit a black srt-4 whith a red front end?
    V8LMFAO209 ·
    aye bro i was wondering if u could do me a huge favor.
    Would you photo shop me a picture of a black srt4 with a front facia painted WHITE, just like yours. but the white going straight down and not coming at an angle.
    DutchNeon ·
    we let a shop do it, altogether with the complete car....
    I'm sure it won't be much to let a shop paint it, especially if you would prep and mask it urselve first ;)
    Only1Balto ·
    Hey brother- I've got a question about the white SRT w/ the painted xhairs and fangs on the hood scoop- did you yourselves do that or did you guys pay a shop professionally to do it? I'm gathering up the courage to do it to my silver neon and I was just curious if I were able to get my car as bad ass looking as you got yours. Thank alot for helping me out.
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