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  • dj4monie ·
    Dragvan -

    I wanted to ask a couple of questions. I now have a '16 Focus ST and it's very similar to the SRT-4 just heavier and nicer overall.

    What I wanted to know is about the alignment on your Yellow SRT-4 and not your shift points but are you shifting at torque peak?

    If you want some background let me know.

    Current best is [email protected] (ET) and [email protected] with more wastegate pre-load.

    Tune and slicks only.
    CarolinaBlueSRT ·
    thanks man, glad to meet another friendly neon owner, track was packed plus that cobra blew out his rearend, we waited forever just on that, ha on my first run i had a nova stand straight up beside me...made my jaw drop
    standupguy33 ·
    idk man that wasnt me but we got a facebook group called carolina srt. got about a 120 people on there. we do meets and shit, jus met in Charlotte and it was fun. we meetin in charleston july 9. send a request thru there.
    RDSRT4 ·
    Hey man. I'm pretty sure I saw your car along with a bunch of other mopars ( challengers, chargers, vipers, etc...) parked across the street eating at copper river in Seneca. Been a while but I forgot to ask you about it. What group was that and how often do y'all meet up?
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