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  • Mikebien ·
    hi i im tring to figure out why my car is running rich can you help me. i have a td05 turbo injectors a fuel rail cold air intake and i have a diablo intune but no custom tune.
    unleashedcc ·
    Hey bud whats up! Sorry to bother you but you were highly recommended for anything srt-4 related. Yesterday I noticed that my AEM EMS and PCM connectors were looking pretty nasty from the outside, basically had oil and gunk all over them. I have not disconnected them to see the condition inside the actual connector cavities. How in the world would I clean them, specially if they are dirty inside. I know electrical components are a bit tricky and usually sensors I just replace, but a PCM harness is a bit harder to find. Thanks for your time I appreciate it!!
    Was doing some search on this type of sensor used for our cars and cant find any positive feedback about it. Just a bunch of post whores saying autozone, napa sensors suck. Blah blah blah....then, I camr across a thread and seen a post you made about the ntk sensors working fine for our vehicles and that bosch were the ones not use. Do you still stand by.that post you made about the ntk 02 sensprs? Cuz im about to go pick one up if this is true. Would hate to go to the dealer and spend 100 bux for this thing when napa sells the ntk for a fraction of that price
    210-boostedSRT4 ·
    hey buddy,
    i couldnt help but noticing you know what your talking about. could you chime in on my thread? its under tuning/ems electronics (p0016 all of a sudden...). youve mentioned something on the subject but my situation is a little different. any info is good info from some one such as yourself.

    thanks in advance,

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