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  • fixit ·
    i found a link on youtube for a rwd srt4..
    if that's you, is there a link to your build?
    in particular, what trans, torque convert & rear end (4 link?)are you using?
    did it require significant tunnel modifications?
    cclem001 ·
    I was wondering if you could help me to find the same piping you used to upgrade your K and N Typhoon as I like this style of pipe versus the straight silicone ones, and this one is more the length i was looking for. Also is this a 2.25 connector or a different size? Thanks and appreciate all the information. -Chris-
    acer-one ·
    Hello, I'm messaging cause I'd like to get a cam set tool. Let me know the cost and anything please. Hope to hear from you soon.
    black215turbo ·
    Hey man, sorry to bother you but i was just wondering if i became a premium member or whatever the monthly 15.00 member, would i be able to buy stuff from the wtb section? Cant find anything good local so im trying to buy a few things here considering my srt is slow as can be.. thanks in advance man.
    Arro ·
    Hey you're a moderator, maybe you know, why doesn't my post count go up even after I post? I've posted a dozen or so times in the last couple weeks and the count doesn't reflect it... Ive been stuck at the same post count for over a year now.???
    Srt_4_2003 ·
    Im sorry to bother you bro im new to this and im having problems with my srt Its a 2003 neon at first it wouldn't start so i needed to push start it the. I got the code p0340 n p0344
    I replaced the crank sensor at first and it still didn't start i had to jump start it.. I replaced the battery and it still didnt turn on so then i changed the cam sensor and the magnet and still nothing.. Its getting gas, it cranks but no spark.. I replace the coil as well thanks for your time..
    dustin.b ·
    hey man....i was looking at a thread on single exit exhausts and you posted a picture of your setup and i wanted to know how difficult it was to run the exit out the side of your car like that? it looks really awesome and was interested in doing something like that...

    thanks in advance for your answer.
    D-ROK ·
    wtf, I cant believe I posted in that 5 year old thread nd didnt notice the date!!! lmfao
    guess i should get some sleep.
    srt for life ·
    i was searching through the internet and i happen to find my car on google i purchased it at trophy motors in new branusfuls and was wondering if you where the previous owner because your name bitts came by it.
    Boosted 254 ·
    so if i have been banned twice for dumb stuff, would that make every single post after i have been banned not count, i have posted like a million times after i have been banned like a few months ago why is my number of posts not going up?
    shortshifter12 ·
    Hey man i can't access the for sale section for some reason, do you remember who was selling it so i can ask them the type and price? Thanks
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