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  • 1B4dSRT ·
    hey man hows it going... ive been doing alot of reading to aquire the knowledge i want to tunemy car..i believe you were once in the position i am in right now and maybe you can point me in the right direction to learn how to tune? i wanna kno which prp forum is the best for me to learn like u did, and any other tips would be greatly appreciated :)
    srtdemon04 ·
    I have a question about that FPR post you commented on
    I am Gettin ready to make the car PCM boost w aftermarket bov set up
    There is a ago FPR installed. So can I just remove the line going from the turbo
    To the back of the FPR and cap the nipple on the turbo?? Set to 58 psi and I'll be ready for dsp??? Thanks!!!
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