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  • SRTBrandon ·
    Hey Admin,

    I noticed the pictures in the Valve Cover Gasket How-To thread aren't coming up any more. I replaced mine last year and took pictures. I posted them up on imgur here:

    SRT-4 Valve Cover Gasket Change - Album on Imgur

    I tried replying to the how-to thread, but it wouldn't let me.

    Hope that helps!
    evilnygsrt ·
    i very much agree with limiting access to individuals who scam or try to, however i have been a member of since dec 1st 2008, my name is 95neonhybrid, is there any way we can overlook this probation period?? im researching and purchasing parts to srt swap my nyg. feel free to contact me if you like, i can give you my cell number or whatever is comfortable.
    Dutchspani ·
    The reason I joined was to try and sell a Dodge neon suspension kit, NIB, Tokico performance suspension kit/ with lowering sprrigs. Will fit Dodge Neons from years 2000 and up. Kit number hpk297. Double check you r model specifications. Selling on Amazon for 461 plus 53 for shipping. Asking 350.00 Obo. If I have to wait 90 days please unsubscribe me. I've tried Craig's list but it a very niche item. I'm legit in Columbia Sc. 803-661-1675. Stacey
    Andrew6224 ·
    im not a scammer i have a complete 05 srt4 motor trying to sell and your guys are refusing too let me nobody should have to wait 90 days to sell something on this thing you should told me this before i signed up for this now im going to delete thing and somebody going to miss out on a great deal thanks.
    srt4platano ·
    hi i was wondering what was wrong with my account? i have been a member for years and i used to post and buy from the FS/FT forums now i can no longer get into them and my account shows no posts ever i have tons of messages from my previous inqueries. how can i get in them again i have a complete mopar stage 3 kit with 0 miles i never used and i would like to sell it asap. thanks
    nemesismachine ·
    I've been here for quite some time, but don't have access to the FS threads. I know I've been here more than 90 days, but dont have the post count. I do not want to create random threads to get that up, can someone look into my account?
    lilwatty23 ·
    Hey I was just wondering, I've been a member for over a year and I still can't see the buy\sell section.. I don't have stuff to post because I don't have a SRT .. But i've been trying forever.. I was just wondering if there anyway other then posting 50 times.
    Johnny Rocket ·
    I am attempting to reply to a posting, and it tells me I don't have the correct privileges. Am I kicked out of the club? JR
    RaptorRed ·
    I would like to submit a document that is several pages long with embedded images. Can you message me for a procedure on it ? And yes, they are work safe
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