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  1. Service Engine light on with EMS
  2. new with aem ecu plug and play
  3. AEM EMS loses connection every 30-40 seconds
  4. AEM EMS problem
  5. Fans stay on full time on AEM
  6. w.o.t shifting
  7. aem serial gauge
  8. Possible to wire turbo toys into EMS
  9. ems to read cold pipe sensor
  10. No crank no start after tune upload
  11. AEMPro problem -- cannot view 3D graphs
  12. Help with aem ems
  13. idle idc 0%
  14. idle knock
  15. E85 cold start tips?
  16. First post, having issues with AEM Standalone
  17. AEM EMS tuner in the midwest
  18. AEM EMS and Aeroforce Scan Gauge work?
  19. Quick Vaccuum line help
  20. running lean
  21. e-85 tune/ e-85 tune help
  22. Apexi turbo timer with EMS?
  23. Com cable for the SRT-4 AEM EMS...
  24. Cannot boost past 19 ... log+map attached
  25. brand new aem ems
  26. How to output "GEAR CALCULATED"?
  27. Not sure of part number
  28. 35r 1200cc rc injector base map
  29. Heat and AEM EMS
  30. AEM tuning with PCM backup?
  31. AEM EMS brackets needed for srt4 install?
  32. Do I have AEM EMS Problems
  33. tuning
  34. help if you have any ideas...
  35. aem version 2?
  36. aem ems and no spark
  37. Car running Ruff after AEM install
  38. need factory solenoids still?
  39. Car Wont Rev high
  40. Dw1300cc injectors on AEM EMS
  41. tps setting
  42. Ems data cable
  43. idle rich ,starting problem
  44. aem serial gauge
  45. from 3 bar map to 3.5
  46. Aem items off ebay?
  47. Remove and move pin on AEM harness.
  48. Hight boost with water/meth
  49. tach stoped working
  50. aem wideband or other widebands only reading 14.7 14.8
  51. boost reading
  52. ems boost problem!!
  53. just installed aem uego wideband, afr at idle scaring me
  54. S360 and E85 map
  55. standalone question
  56. Want to pick up a viper alarm in the near future
  57. daily driving
  58. Aem ems ??? Got the 3 bar/ do I need the tip sensor
  59. turbo timer apexi
  60. OBD2 to USB cable?
  61. A ton of codes...
  62. Alternate location for the EMS or pcm
  63. Problems with CAM sensor.
  64. ordering pins
  65. EMS and Alternator
  66. Wideband for non uego ems
  67. aem ems-4
  68. Why is it?
  69. obd2 to seiral cable
  70. I need ems
  71. pinout for ems boost solenoid
  72. How to get 1200cc injectors to idle
  73. How to setup injectors not in the menu
  74. difference between the non-uego and uego
  75. aemtunerv2.0 work on plug and play ems1 for srt-4?
  76. ziping files
  77. Idle Issues
  78. Looking for a pinout...
  79. Every day Driving
  80. Question about EMS and the dash lights
  81. need a calibation
  82. To all the aem people looking for help!!!!!
  83. wtf aem
  84. At what point do you really need EMS?
  85. aem fic question
  86. individual msd coil dcr
  87. Coil
  88. Traction Control
  89. Possibly a stupid question?
  90. O2 feedback
  91. GT35r build
  92. aem and cop ignition
  93. 10.0 afr
  94. New to AEM EMS
  95. num, num, num ...num
  96. wire in a on/off switch??
  97. Stalling when clutch is disengaged
  98. aem ems gauge and uego gauge readings
  99. EMS wont take a file WTF!
  100. knock threshold
  101. Modifying AEM start-up cal
  102. logging TDC
  103. new tune progress
  104. replacement cable
  105. No Knock Sensor Voltage
  106. No response from the IAC
  107. S360 map
  108. Reading egt's and backpressure with aem
  109. bad aem ecu?
  110. E85 map?
  111. simple AEM EMS question
  112. How To: External switch for internal logging !!
  113. Battery Temp Sensor and Ambient Air
  114. fan's
  115. EMS and activating the Alarm??
  116. cams vs idle
  117. Stock PCM alternate mounting location
  118. Aem twin fire
  119. bolt on speed sensor
  120. EMS and Key chip
  121. Selection of low Ohms or high Ohms
  122. best boost controler w/ems?
  123. Hey nutz!
  124. Connection issues
  125. AEM FIC stock base map
  126. Load KPA setting?
  127. aem boost solenoid problem
  128. fun math
  129. Hanging and bouncing idle
  130. AEM EMS tuner in TX??? I will need one
  131. best place to get an ems tune in WA
  132. breakpoints
  133. what AFR's to use ??
  134. how to: air temp fuel correction table
  135. how to: boost fuel correction table
  136. USB to Serial
  137. aem ems tuning
  138. can you control a synapse wastegate with the EMS?
  139. Initial Start up :)
  140. noob question :(
  141. How do you set up external switch for internal logging...
  142. turbo timer + EMS???
  143. egt sensor
  144. back up you data
  145. new EMS section guys
  146. Idle way to rich
  147. Boost discussion, with screen shots.
  148. NOS Map > E85?
  149. Wireless conection to AEM EMS?????
  150. VAC, Idle, Throttle... few q?
  151. ems vs trinity
  152. ems traction control
  153. aem ems and tru boost
  154. what is closed loop
  155. VSS boost control.... lets get an understanding
  156. Setting up FIC 900's
  157. Need to change "Boost Target Speed Table" to a lower max than 255 MPH...
  158. OBD2-serial
  159. AEM EMS Now What Else?
  160. Watching dvd now
  161. Knock Sensor Issue
  162. First log with tuning auto in
  163. What happened to the DRIFTING thread for the video?
  164. PDA's, anyone use them?
  165. new to ems
  166. Weird cam timing issue? different please look
  167. AEM EMS noob question
  168. who's everyone going to tune in atlanta
  169. timing vs boost for traction
  170. afc neo apex-i question
  171. o2 feed back.
  172. 6k rev cut, but commanding 7200
  173. EMS beginners?
  174. multiple connection attempts and repeated fuel pump priming.
  175. Swapping calibrations from one EMS to another
  176. fuel pump prime linked with starter engagement?
  177. upgrading power grounds ??????????
  178. Fuel Pump
  179. alpha-n boost comp map (BASE MAP)
  180. Need A Good Set Of Templates For All Tuneing/trouble Shooting
  181. AEM anti-lag or wot box?
  182. Afer installing GM boost solenoid - Cant boost past 21psi and weird noise...
  183. Wanted input from experienced tuners
  184. Base maps repository what happened?
  185. Anyone use the EMS without a return line?
  186. Vacumn line set up for 1:1, aem ebc, and ext wg
  187. Using AEM to do boost by gear... how to ???
  188. throttle fuel trim
  189. Changing from 750cc injectors to 1000cc's... what to change?
  190. new software?
  191. Manual to auto what changes?
  192. Went datalogging
  193. Just installed AEM serial data gauge... reads more boost than AEM?
  194. Car has idle, cruising, and decel "hickups"
  195. AEM will not log past 6400rpm's...
  196. got it going right...... grrr PCV?
  197. Manually 'helping' the IAC idle?
  198. mopar 3 bar map works w/ AEM EMS?
  199. idle% vs Target Table and more???
  200. Logging without using the laptop
  201. AEM EMS training tips...
  202. Need opinion on tune. AEM EMS
  203. injector phasing VS. cam timing
  204. Fixed Boost Leaks - now overboosting! DOH!
  205. AEM ?'s on older TD swap
  206. Initial Tuning with the EMS
  207. Plotting vehicle speed in AEM Log
  208. Tip sensor with ems
  209. What's your 2-step at, and how much boost do you build?
  210. staged injectors anyone
  211. Threw a rod, who wants to look at my cal file
  212. How do you prevent accel pump at idle?
  213. uego to ems connection
  214. AEM cuts out at 5100 rpm need help!!
  215. AEM EMS tuning class
  216. Fuel Pres
  217. Ignition timing at idle
  218. snap crackle pop w ems
  219. HELP ASAP boost solenoid problem"AT DYNO NOW!"
  220. Installing Serial gauge
  221. Aem ems to pass Inspections help
  222. N2MB Boost Box and EMS
  223. Aeroforce Scan Gauge
  224. Has Anyone Figured Out The Apexi TT Problem?
  225. dirrect fire ignition
  226. How to hook up aem a/f gauge to aem 1510u
  227. throttle inj correction table
  228. aem ems 2 ??
  229. Need a tuner for a aem-ems
  230. 3.5 bar map
  231. injectors fic 925
  232. overboosting
  233. Intercooler sprayer controlled by aem
  234. Accel fuel
  235. new wizard file
  236. boost by TPS/RPM
  237. How To Test Your AEM UEGO O2 Sensor
  238. Igntion
  239. Major Idle Issue; need help
  240. Why did AEM decide not to run gauges?
  241. run Trac off light with ems
  242. Need help, look inside
  243. serial guage
  244. Stuck Boost Control and idle
  245. ems issues
  246. s1 srt + ems = 300 whp?
  247. EMS controlled water injection
  248. AEM Oil Pressure Gauge
  249. What do you see?
  250. Where is this AEM boost solenoid wired to? help with uninstall?