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50 Trim 11.16 e/t, 127 mph

Update 11/12/11 Traction prevented a new best ET, but the car now trapped 129.21 mph during an 11.18 run.

Went to Island Dragway today for the first time in an attempt to actually get some back to back runs to finally dial in the car and get some seat time. It backfired and I only got two runs all day thanks to others breaking. Still managed a new PB, but I couldn't hook up on the speedy dry track and I made some shifting mistakes, short shifting. My 60' times were over a tenth off the usual. The first run off the trailer was as follows, 28 psi boost, 12 psi slick.

60': 1.883
330': 4.932
1/8: 7.359
MPH: 103.15
1000': 9.450
1/4: 11.207
MPH: 127.03

Next run same boost, 11 psi in the slicks. Wanted to run 10 psi, but the area around the track was really bumpy and I was afraid to run less.

60': 1.811
330': 4.880
1/8: 7.311
MPH: 102.63
1000: 9.405
1/4: 11.16
MPH: 126.02

The major parts of the car: AGP Stage 4 (50T .63, jb), FM Enforcer 2 shortblock, FM Enforcer 2 head with stock cams, full interior, 24.5X8.5X15 MH slicks, 93 oct/C16 mix and I was even too lazy to turn off the water/meth.

If you watch the video you can see how hard the car spins off the limiter in first, fights for traction in second, and then I make a mistake and short shift third.

Full interior and still passes state inspection/emissions

-2008 ACR Viper
-1964 Polara 440 Turbo

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