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have a couple questions regarding lean afr after 93 dsp tune

to start off mods are.. 3 inch turbo back exhaust, big front mount intercooler, aem cold air intake, and the dsp. now i installed the 93 canned tune from my newly purchased dsp spiking 22psi and dropping to roughly to 15-16 psi at redline. ... i tuned it myself to the point of no knock and 30 degrees of timing at the end of 3rd gear... these are 3rd gear pulls starting at 2500 rpm to redline. my air fuel ratios were in the high 12's sometimes touching 13... i added fuel (i am up to 5.5% added from 2k and up) and it seems i am still running lean? 12.4-12.6 area... is this common to have to add this much fuel after flashing the 93 tune? i have heard possibly the fuel filter (fuel pump sock) could be clogged? which is kind of hard to my 7 years of being an auto mechanic it is a very uncommon issue as my car only has 40,000 miles on it. anyone have any ideas as to what i can try?
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