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better top hats, better ride...

well, we all want a nice ride when slammed.. like miata kids get.. people make extended top hots for coils for them.... i figured you may be able to come up with something.. im sure everyone with a lowered srt would be down for a nice ride, and you stock coilovers..

Originally Posted by XCLR8TN View Post
nooo, not if you have the right top hats. It allows you to regain your lost travel. Here's an example for the Miatas (we've been gaining back the 2" of travel that we lost for awhile!):

Moderately Slammed

Someone should go to a reputable shop and express interest.. after all there's a lot more of you slammed guys than a few years ago....

Or just try and get a company to make shorter shock bodies for the coilovers (BC might already, but maybe not short enough).

Originally Posted by XCLR8TN View Post
It allows the coilover body to go up INTO it, therefore regaining your lost travel. I don't know how well it would work on the front of a Neon, since there isn't much clearance till you'd hit the hood. But in the rear it would work.

edit: here's another company making them: Miata Suspension
Originally Posted by beyondspexj View Post
now your bringing a new pitcher into the ball game. figured we were just talking about bolting up coils and slamming cars to the ground lol. and besides no one makes extended top hats for the srt afaik, this would be lovely to have!
Originally Posted by XCLR8TN View Post
honestly they shouldn't be that hard to make. These are not CNC'd ones and they work fine:

Just need a vendor that can make then and some demand for em. That way you guys wouldn't have to run preload

That green SRT up there is about the only one I'd consider slammed from those pics, looks good!
Originally Posted by beyondspexj View Post
ditto and ditto on the green srt.

maybe someone can make a limited run of them. i dont need them just yet but id buy a set for the near future.

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