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Originally Posted by BostonSRT View Post
hey camaro. Does your car bounce at all being that low?
It's by far the worst ride ive ever felt in my life. I absolutely hate it with the passion of a thousand suns. You can't ride that low (at least for our cars) and have a "decent" ride quality. I can't put any more emphasis on how bad it rides. So bouncing would be an understatement. Unless you're driving on a sheet of glass, its going to beat the shit out out of you, even if its just taking a trip to the grocery store. I want to see if its possible to get softer springs though even if i have to raise my car up a bit. Right now, no matter what height im at, it rides like garbage. BUT, i must say, all the attention i get and how sexy my car looks, makes me keep it this way. It also has reduced my wheel spin which is a BIG plus.

I gotta get better pics but I see most people lower their cars according to where the tires sit in the wheel well, i measured from the bottom of the rocker panel to make the car level. So the rear tucks a hell of a lot more tire than the front since the front wheel well is larger. The 225/45's rub like hell though. I really dont want to get a smaller tire though being as my larger sidewall is the only thing absorbing bumps now. I don't recommend slamming your car if you want to retain ride quality.

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