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Thanks for the images......great

Update: a couple of more buyers have been added with more emails coming in.

Common questions in emails: How does the kit function, how is does the system turn on and what is the HSV, and what about raising or dumping boost? We have a couple of threads that explain some things with regards to these. The DDS3 manual is linked in a couple of threads = this is great to review. I spoke to Richard He will add some additional content to address the common questions.

Please look at the "HFS-5 Explained" thread and post = many people benefit from the answers and it's better to address the question in an open forum = education IS the key item for a proper understanding and a good install.

The MAIN concept behind the Introductory offer is to get the word out and have people discuss things in an open and friendly way.

HFS-5 explained

The DDS3

F.Y.I. Richard and I have rights to delete/regulate things regarding posts in the SRT-4 Aquamist forum. DO NOT hesitate to post up because you think there will possible flaming going on = to negative posts or ridicule towards someone who wants to know more about W/A in general or how the Aquamist kits work.
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